Wagagai Hotel

Named after the highest peak on Mount Elgon, this is the ideal place to stay on your night before and after you hike this mountain in Eastern Uganda. Affordable with plenty of space to do anything you can think of to have a memorable holiday in the country

Why stay at Wagagai Hotel? Trekking mount Elgon starts here. We are just located next to the park are where the briefing is conducted. On arrival, you will meet the rangers to prepare for your trekking tomorrow. Our staff will bring you to the park gate where trekking starts.

Amenities of Wagagai Hotel: We have the largest rooms and a lot of space in and outside the hotel. in our gardens, you can camp, play, arrange your luggage, get safe parking or relax under the trees. we got self-contained and none self-contained rooms, a kitchen where you can do self-catering and camping shared facilities for those who want to do it themselves.

What you can do here: All that you have ever heard about mount Elgon and the Bagisu people can be done here. farming, cooking, trekking, village tours, attending cultural dances or attending the Embalu celebrations (in season). in our fish farm, you can fish your own meal or just fish for fun. the fishing experience in the mountains is spectacular as it is loved by most of our guests when they are able to enjoy fresh fish that they caught themselves.

Our guest reviews

Plenty of space Oh My God! we had plenty of space to ourselves throughout the stay. the garden is massive and well kept. if you have a family, friends, or a party that you want to have in the country, this is a place to be. the mountain backdrop is spectacular too. .– Kamoga Ivan

Amazin People! “Mr. Robert Gimunye the host showed us everything about the village and the local culture. he is very knowledgeable and generous about his knowledge. the family members knew how to manage the entire stay. they were doing everything but made sure they allowed us to participate whenever we wanted. I would definitely recommend this place or come back next time I am in the area” – Jackie – Nairobi

A good place to start the trek to Mount Elgon “Having worked with the parks during his younger life, The host knows everything about tourism and mount Elgon itself. The home is located just at the gate of the park. When you stay here you can be sure you will get everything about trekking well presented and arranged. I was privileged to stay here, I got a memorable trekking experience.  Thanks to the support from this family!” – Amos Kironde 


The cheapest place to stay around Mount Elgon: During and after your stay, you will realize that you stayed almost freely, based on the level of service you got. you can choose between camping, staying in the room, using your rooftop, or staying for a day to explore the local surrounding. the gardens are good for a picnic too. Davis Spetch 

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What to expect in the direct vicinity.

If you have been thinking of massive gardens, mountains, and cultural encounters in eastern Uganda, you have probably been dreaming of the Wagagai hotel. it is a massive hotel located in a rustic neighborhood that allows you to meet the local people in their daily setting. you will be welcomed to do everything the local way and come back to a spacious garden in a hotel where you can do everything you have been dreaming to do while in Uganda.

located on the trailhead to Mount Egon, the hotel is just next to the park gate. the surrounding is mainly local gardens, forest environment, homesteads and the mountain scenery typical of this volcanic mountain.


Fishing experience


Farming experience


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Bagisu traditional Cooking