Rwenzori trekking packages 2018

We offer five main products of Rwenzori trekking at Ibanda central circuit gate. This base camp is located 26km from Kasese town at an altitude of 1615 meters above sea level. All treks start at 1615m and the highest point they will go is 5109 meters on margarita peak, mount Stanley in in four to five days.

1) Mahoma trail (2 nights 3 days inside the park)

2) Central circuit trail with margarita (8 days inside the park)

3) Nature walk (one day inside the park and return to the community)

4) Community walks (3-4 hours in the community outside the park)

5) Overnight hill trek (1 night on the community hill top at 2400m above sea level)

This is the base price. Rates may differ depending on your specifics and interests. For this reason, we will have to tailor the price to your needs. Please contact us for the actual prices for 2018 basing on the specifics of your interests.