Rwenzori cultural music and Dance, a potential highlight for your trip.

Music is the true language of souls. This is why; there is no single person that has never been touched by a song in their life. Do you want a moment when your trip experience can reach deep in your soul, during your travel around Uganda?  If yes, then you should choose to visit the Rwenzori Mountains and immerse yourself in the Bakonzo cultural music and dance festival. This will likely be the most exciting moment of your trip around Uganda, in the Rwenzori Mountains

In the Bakonzo tradition, music and dance play a great role in entertaining, celebrating, and communicating important cultural aspects. Different songs and musical instruments are played during specific moments in cultural moments. Some of these important moments in the Bakonzo community include; marriages, child naming, harvesting and planting seasons, initiation to adulthood, death rituals, education of young generations, environment and culture conservation, and many other functions.

During your stay at Ruboni Community Camp or any other lodge at the base camp, you can attend the Bakonzo dance festivals. While here, you will have an opportunity to participate in the varied cultural music and dances of the Rwenzori Mountains, first hand, with the local people themselves.

During these evenings or on special occasions, the local women and men come together to celebrate culture in the songs, dances, and playing the different traditional musical instruments. I bet this music will reach your soul as you watch and listen. You will then have a chance to participate in the songs and dances, with them. You can also be trained on how to dance or play any of the musical instruments of your interest.

Besides the dances and music, you will have one of the most intimate times with the local people, to understand the way of life in the Rwenzori foothills. It is the true meeting point of the community and the visitors. A true encounter and story of the Rwenzori Mountains.

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