Our work is driven by five main values;

  • Quality services to our guests by attending to detail.
  • Generous and timely information sharing
  • Equal treatment and respect to our guests and communities,
  • Value for money and keeping the promise to our guests and communities.
  • Environment friendliness in all our operations and systems.

Our tours allow visitors to stay and explore deeper in one location or travel over the country to be steeped in a cross-section of Uganda’s jungles and mysterious cultures. Our trips involve the well trained and hospitable staff, local guides, and service providers who show you the diverse and amazing landscapes, waters, the people’s rich traditions, and colorful scenery as well as, see some of the amazing wildlife and cultures that make Uganda unique.

At the core of our work, we believe that the indigenous communities living next to wildlife areas should have a stake by sustainably earning their living from tourism. Therefore, for travelers interested in supporting communities and conservation through travel, Rainforest is the ultimate tour agency for you. We make a combination of accommodations and activities that give a complete taste of Uganda as well as giving them much needed sustainable livelihoods to the local community living near the wildlife areas. While our budget accommodation is dominated by community camps and home-stays. Our mid-range and executive/ luxury accommodation cover all the other hotels in the country. As a result, our travel work has fulfilled the dreams of many travelers while greatly contributing to the change of lives of the indigenous communities.

Here are a few highlights of our work that we feel may inspire you to travel with us.

1). None touristy travels: By using the local community members as the entry point for our trip, our clients are able to avoid the masses and crowds. At every point, we introduce our guests to the well-prepared local guides to show them the wildlife as they share a true-life story of living near the national game parks. Every story is new and authentic, has never been recorded anywhere other than in the minds of the indigenous people. for those interested, we further underscore the experience by allowing visitors to visit the local homes for a day or night after the wildlife adventures to internalize while visualizing the story of living next to wildlife areas.

3). High level of hospitality and responsiveness: Our staff, service providers, and community accommodations offer a high level of hospitality as timely as necessary. Besides a high level of client satisfaction, this has always allowed a generous exchange of cultures between the community and the travelers.

4). Unique travel experiences: We organize trips to every part or park of Uganda. This allows you to participate in wildlife safaris, boat cruises, Mountain Gorilla trips, mountain climbing, and adventure activities, the rich cultural hot spots in most rural communities, or volunteer placements in our partner development projects. Nowhere on earth will you be able to see such amazing cultures, creatures, and scenery as witnessed through our trips.

2). The low or high prices as any traveler may require: Our prices are highly flexible. Our minimum budget cannot be found anywhere in Uganda. Because we run a long chain of accommodations all over the country, our tours and accommodation prices are flexible and can reach the desired top or bottom without compromising the quality of service.

5). supporting wildlife friendly livelihoods: A percentage of the tour proceeds are pumped back into rural communities supporting indigenous development initiatives. This is a sustainable solution to poverty and community wildlife conflicts. We support wildlife-friendly investments that support community development. Through this facility, we have supported several community-owned tourism businesses that have helped create a safer neighborhood for the people and wildlife. On request, you can visit to experience some of these initiatives during your trip.

6). Attachment to community projects: All the community tourism projects visited by our tours are attached to local conservation or development project(s) we further support these projects through training, investment, or capacity building to enhance their sustainability and ensuring that the tourism money spent is put to the best use and can go a long way trickling down to benefit the people, wildlife and the local economy.

We envisage that in five years, rain forest and community tours will be one of the leading agencies providing community and conservation empowerment through tourism. Your decision to travel with us is key to achieving our goal. Grab a “once in a lifetime trip” that allows you to experience nature and culture as you will never have a chance to do again. when you choose rain forest and community tours for your next trip to Uganda, all these photographic vistas already await you on one of our amazing Uganda trips.