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Uganda is home to the most luxuriant and unique wildlife encounters in Africa. Trips to Uganda give you an opportunity to take from the indigenous people, a story they have lived and preserved over generations. For every encounter, our guides will share a story that could inspire you for a lifetime


Take some time off, to get immersed in the unusual indigenous cultures, during this journey to the jungle, in the pearl of Africa. Stay in the rural communities, homestays, in the mid-range, or the most luxurious lodges in Uganda’s wildlife areas and celebrate nature in a unique way.


Enjoy in your own style. You can choose to sit back and relax or get up to participate in the local life, as you actively enjoy scenery and wildlife.


Uganda is truly undiscovered. The sceneries of the Rwenzori Mountain of the Moon, the savannah wildlife safaris and boat cruises, the encounter with the mountain gorillas or Chimps in their natural habitat, the culture, and all the natural wonders of Uganda come to life, with the carefully organized trips of Rainforest and Community Tours, a reliable and fully licensed local tour operator in Uganda.

Safety for our guests, staff, and community is our number one priority.

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