Accommodation and attractions in Queen Elizabeth national park


In Queen Elizabeth national park, you can be sure to find a wide range of accommodation options, from low-priced, mid-range and executive lodges in all categories based on budget, interests and travel plans. This destination caters for every traveler. You can find lodges, hotels, bed and breakfast, camp grounds glamping accommodation and homestay accommodation options in all ranges of budge and luxury.

Queen Elizabeth is Uganda’s most favorite tourist destination. The Park is remarkably endowed with diverse ecosystems, wildlife, landscapes and wide-range of attractions that are worth visiting. The park is home to dirk tropical forests, extensive savannah, rich wetlands, crater lakes including the salt mining explosive craters, sparkling fresh water lakes the big five and beyond. 95-mammal species are found here, chimpanzees and more 9 primate species and over 600 bird species that make the park a key important birding area (IBA) of Uganda.

This national park is set against the backdrop of the famous Rwenzori Mountains of the moon, a world heritage site. This gives queen Elizabeth landscape one of the most unique scenery during the game drives, treks and relaxed views over the rolling green hills. You will find the famous Kazinga channel and other fresh water bodies including lake Edward, George and Nymughasana river flowing from Rwenzori mountains into lake Edward.

The park offers great opportunities of viewing wildlife in their natural habitat. Taking a chance to visit lake munyanyanyange gives visitors an opportunity to view the lesser flamingo during their seasonal visit to Uganda, during the boat cruise and Kazinga channel. The banks of the channel are commonly lined with the buffalos, elephants, antelopes and multitudes of birds cooling off, every day. The waters are packed with hippos, since it holds one of the densest hippo populations in the region. You may also take a chance to find the Nile crocodile and other reptiles. On the Kasenyi tracks, Mweya peninsular and Ishasha sector, you will be open to a mixture of landscapes dotted with multitudes of wild animals. Don’t forget to look out for the tree climbing lions in the large fig trees of Ishasha plains.

During your stay, you will also realize that, Queen Elizabeth National Park is home to captivating cultural encounters as it is a human biosphere. The park has a large number of human communities living within her boundaries. This demonstrates community wildlife coexistence than in any other park of Uganda. Take the chance to participate in the varied community experiences including traditional dances, crafts weaving workshops, village walks, salt mining, fishing tours and many others on the outskirts of the park. From the lodge we will take you to the boda-boda safaris, village treks or visit Kikorongo women to learn some of their daily life skills.

If you need accommodation during your visit to Queen Elizabeth national park, know that the elephant home is your ultimate gateway to this wondrous adventure. The staffs at this lodge have all the information you need to explore this destination. This accommodation is located next to the park, closest to the park gate where the game drive starts. They will take you on tours that disclose the true beauty of Queen Elizabeth and her surroundings. The long list of activities you can do in this park include ; Kazinga channel boat cruise, the game drive in Kasenyi, chimp tracking in Kyambura underground forest, the crater lakes tours, the salt mining experience at lake Katwe, the boda-boda safari, and chimp tracking in Kalinzu

You can visit the elephant home to book your stay directly or contact us in the online contact-us form.