Budget accommodation at Queen Elizabeth national park.

Looking for budget accommodation? The local community at Kikorongo has opened a lodge of this range next to queen Elizabeth national park. This lodge is called the elephant home. It is the first of its kind in the area. This  is a basic but quite interesting lodge located in the Elephant grazing grounds. during the stay, you will definitely find their story quite interesting. This land was formally used for cotton growing before this lodge was established. It provides an innovative way to counter the community-elephant conflicts through practicing sustainable tourism that crates sustainable employment without having to guard the elephants from visiting the same habitat. The local community uses the lodge as a link between the indigenous people, the visitors and the wildlife to enhance community coexistence.

The elephant home is a community owned and run accommodation that has been established to provide local hospitality and tourism services to visitors interested to travel on budge and meeting the people flexibly. This lodge is well suited for the travelers who want to explore queen Elizabeth national park beyond the boundaries. The hospitable staff and a wonderful chefs offer one of the best accommodation services in the area. the lodge comes in the market with self-contained rooms that are furnished with bedding, mosquito nets, furniture and a private balcony for each room. you will not regret the delicious meals as they cater for all food tastes including veterinarians and none vegetarians. The restaurant and rooms are located in the middle of the jungle with high opportunities of getting in contact with the Savannah wilderness. It is a perfect hideout within the community, for guest who want privacy before and after the wildlife safari in Kasenyi tracks.

Wildlife from queen Elizabeth national park find a peaceful haven in the Elephant home property. as the  accommodation gives her guest an opportunity to spend a night in the elephant habitat and spend some of their income to the community. The stay here allows visitors to witness the community-wildlife relations in queen Elizabeth neighborhoods and at the same time reduce their carbon footprint. During the stay a in this lodge, guests sleep to the sounds of the lion, hyenas and the calls of the elephants echoing from the extensive Savannah of queen Elizabeth national park. Sometimes elephants visit the lodge to feed on their seasonal delicacy that grows nest to the lodge, giving most guests, the wonderful picture moment while watching elephants feeding on the luxuriant jungles surrounding the lodge. Waking up to the elephant tracks and ruins from their nightly visit around the lodge gives the feeling of the true African wild jungles. No park entrance fees are required hence guests can stay at the elephant home for as long as they want, to enjoy the local wildlife endlessly.

The lodge hires 100% local staff. the workers are both knowledgeable of the local area and willing to show guest everything during their stay. A self-guided walk has been created on the property where guests are able to walk in the elephant tracks and savanna forest for up to 30 minutes as they take views of lake George inside the national park. you will enjoy the views of this lake lined with grazing animals at sunset. The staff can also arrange all wild life safaris inside the park or community experience outside the park. A full list of the different activities that guests can participate in has been displayed for guests to choose on arrival or during the stay. For those who want to stay long, the lodge has a long list of activities to participate in. These include chimp tracking in Kyambura, boda-boda safaris, Lake katwe salt mining experience, Kalinzu forest walks, Kazinga channel boat cruises, the crater lakes tours in Bunyaruguru, cultural tours and other village experiences around queen Elizabeth national park.

Whether using private or public means of transport, the elephant home lodge is very accessible and easy to find. for your morning game drive, it is located ten minutes’ drive to the Kasenyi park gate, where the game drive starts. The elephant home is a perfect base to explore the entire queen Elizabeth national park region. you can book your stay any time, to experience one of the best community accommodations, during your visit to queen Elizabeth national park.