Distances between 10 Ugandas National parks

Are you planing to visit some or all of Ugandas National Parks? The size of Uganda is 241,038 km² and it takes about 12hrs to drive across the country from border to border. Uganda has ten national parks as the main tourist attractions where you will be able to do a whole range of activities including; gorilla tracking, chimp and other primates tracking, forest walks, wildlife viewing safaris, boat cruises, site seeing, adventure activities, mountain trekking up to 5109m high on the snow caped Rwenzori montains, cultural encounters and may more activities.

To be able to plan your trip around Uganda, you will need to know the distances that will be involved on the daily travels around this country in order to plan properly. Most visitors will want to visit the national parks, wildlife reserves, main towns and the surrounding attractions close to these areas. Uganda has one city, Kampala located on the shores of lake victoria, around 40km from Entebbe airport.

At the moment, most international travelers landing in Uganda will land through Entebbe as the only international airport. Only visitors taking a local flight from Kajansi or Entebbe to the respective national park, will not reach Kampala. So if you plan your trip by road after landing in Entebbe, start your distance calculation from Kampala.

The ten Ugandas National Parks

  • Murchison falls national park
  • Queen Elizabeth National park
  • Mount Elgon National Park
  • Mgahinga Gorilla national park
  • Bwindi impenetrible national park
  • Lake Mburo national park
  • Semuliki national park
  • Kidepo valley national park
  • Kibale National Park
  • Rwenzori Mountains National park

Here are the distances from Kampala city to each of the ten national parks.

From To Distance (km)Driving time (hrs)
EntebbeKampala401hr 27m
KampalaLake Mburo national park2554hrs 52m
 Mount Elgon national park, Mbale2264rs 57m
 Murchison falls national park2824hrs 23m
 Kibale national park2924hr 50m
 Semuliki national park3315rs 30m
 Rwenzori mountains national park3746rs 36m
 Queen Elizabeth national park3726hrs 27m
 Bwindi Impenetrable national park4698hrs 43m
 Mgahinga gorilla national park4809rs 11m
 Kidepo valley national park (Apoka lodge)69210hr 54m
Ugandas national parks

Here are the distances between the national parks on the different safari routes around Uganda.

From To Distance (km)Driving time (hrs)
Murchison falls national parkKibale national park2846hrs 30m
Kibale national parkRwenzori mountains national park1072hrs 22m
Kibale national parkSemuliki national park871hr 57m
Rwenzori mountains national parkQueen Elizabeth national park481hr 4m
Queen Elizabeth national parkBwindi impenetrable national park1293hrs 35m
Bwindi impenetrible national parkMgahinga gorilla national park1344hrs 17m
Lake Mburo national parkQueen Elizabeth national park2074hrs 4m
Lake Mburo national parkBwindi impermeable national park2506hrs 11m
Lake Mburo national parkMgahinga gorilla national park2886hrs 23m
Mount Elgon national parkMurchison falls national park4346hrs 28m
Mount Elgon national parkKidepo valley national park3806hrs 37m
Kidepo valley national parkMurchison falls national park3696hrs 12m

Common route-plans for trips around Uganda

  • Route 1: Kampala – Murchison – Kibale – Rwenzori – Queen – Bwindi – Kampala
  • Route 2: Kampala – Rwenzori – Kibale – Queen – Bwindi – Kampala
  • Route 3: Kampala – Mburo – Bwindi – Kampala
  • Route 4: Kampala – Elgon – Kidepo – Murchison falls – Kampala
  • Route 5: Kampala – Elgon – Murchison falls – Kampala
  • Route 6: Kampala – Kidepo – Kampala

You can choose to take one of these routes or make one of your choice based on the distances provided above. Mid-way to every national park, you will find wildlife reserves that you can add on your trip for a day or night break of the journey. I will publish a list of Uganda wildlife reserves next, please look out for it here or contact us for a link.

Every route has community and cultural encounters that add allot of value to your trip, off the beaten track. These include community tours, workshops and demonstrations, cultural experiences or community accommodation lodges, home-stays and campsites. contact us for a list of these community encounters.

In case you need any help, feel free to contact us and we will provide advice on how best to plan your dream trip.