Rain Forest and Community Tours (RFCT) is a community eco-tourism agency in Uganda designed to benefit both our clients and the communities, with 50% of profit pumped back in to rural communities.

We have developed a range of tours to ensure our clients will experience the very best of Uganda whilst supporting environmental conservation and rural community development.

Our tours include visits to the stunning National Parks, white water rafting, gorilla/chimp tracking, and bird watching trips. In addition to the traditional Ugandan highlights, we also offer clients the opportunity to go slightly off the beaten track and visit the Community Camps and their attractions that gives our clients the feel of life in Uganda. Here you can explore the unique wildlife and stunning scenery in these communities whilst meeting the local tribes.

We take a flexible approach to our tours and understand that many of our clients want to plan their own itinerary. We are very happy to work with you to create a personalized trip which suits your aspirations, timescales and budget to ensure that we create your perfect holiday. Please send us inquiry or take a look at the trips on offer now.