A visit to the primates in their natural home. You will be surrounded by the magical crater lakes area. and taking the opportunity to visit Sempaya, the biggest hot spring in one of the oldest forests in Uganda, extending to the Congo basin. You will be visiting the two richest forest Habitats in Uganda; Kibale forest and Semuliki forests. Kibale National Park is home to the largest populations of chimps in east Africa. You will spend a few hours looking for the chimps in the forest. The crater lakes tours and a visit to t Sempaya hot springs make a great combination on this three days trip to the Albertine rift of western Uganda.

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A wildlife trip that takes you to the richest territories of Uganda. You will visit do the wildlife safaris, track the chimps, visit the mountain gorillas and relax on Lake Bunyonyi the entire trip includes meeting the people of Uganda that live with these animals through their life. You will be penetrating the impenetrable forest just like the gorillas do all the time. You will spend up to one hour with the gorillas in the natural habitat as you learn their family behavior. Relaxing on Lake Bunyonyi, the deepest in Africa gives you a moment to meditate in a scenic setting while in Uganda. the people are friendly and will be showing you their way of life. The trip is packed with cultural encounters in the villages, on the road, and in the museums along the way.

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Uganda has ten national parks. This trip brings you five of these national parks, plus Jinja, Uganda’s adventure capital at the source of river Nile. Explore the waters, wetlands, savannas and forests of Uganda. The trip stretches from central Uganda to the extreme west in the impenetrable forest that houses the still remaining mountain gorillas.

After rafting at the source of the Nile, you will head for chimps tracking, Rwenzori Mountains, Queen Elizabeth safari until you reach the mountain gorillas as the climax of the trip before you relax at the whispers of the wild in Lake Mburo national park.

The trip is also a cross section of Uganda’s tribes showcasing over ten Ugandan tribes and cultures that will be witnessed by the changing life styles and architecture as you marvel the country side outside the Kampala metropolitan.


Day 1: Arrival at Entebbe airport and transfer to Jinja, Uganda’s adventure capital (LD)

Day 2: Visit the source of the Nile and transfer to Kibale forest Np via Kampala (BLD)

Day 3: Explore Kibale forest national park looking for the chimps and other primates (BLD)

Day 4: Transfer from Kibale forest national park to Rwenzori looking for wildlife of this area (BLD)

Day 5: Explore the Rwenzori Mountains and transfer to Queen Elizabeth national park (BLD)

Day 6: Explore Queen Elizabeth national park for the big five in a game drive and boat cruise (BLD)

Day 7: Transfer from Queen to Bwindi looking for gorillas and related wildlife of the area (BLD)

Day 8: Gorilla tracking in Bwindi and other forest wildlife along the way (BLD)

Day 9: Transfer from Bwindi to Lake Mburo Park searching for wildlife like giraffe and zebras (BLD)

Day 10: A wildlife safari drive combing the park for wildlife and then transfer to Kampala (BL)


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