Rwenzori mountain is heaven on earth… so beautiful and challenging.


Like many have said during this trek, you won’t prove it until you try it. Rwenzori highest point stands at5109 meters above sea level and maks it the third highest mountain in Africa. This point is margarita peak on mount Stanley, divided by Uganda and Congo boarder. As you celebrate the view at the roof top of Uganda you will also be celebrating a chance of standing in Uganda and Congo at the same time. Rwenzori Mountains is an important bird area (IBA). It boasts of 217 bird species, 19 of which are only found in the Albertine rift this qualifies Rwenzori to be a paradise of birders. Other wildlife include the Forest elephant, chimpanzee,  duiker, rock hyrax, four primates  including black-and-white colobus, L’Hoest’s monkeys. Other small animals include the elusive three horned chameleon, reptiles, 15 butterfly species and varied unique insects.

The five mountain’s  vegetation zones; Savannah, montane forest, bamboo, tree heathers and afro-alpine are the distinct vegetation zones trekkers trail through as they seek the high snow caped peaks of this Mountain to witness snow at the equator. As you near the afro-alpine zone, the symbolic huge extensions of Senecio (groundsel) and lobelia over the scenic valleys and plains make a dreamlike vision that leaves a deep memory on every trekkers mind. This unique scenery is limited to east African mountains above 380m and is better witnessed on the Rwenzori Mountains with the most luxuriant vegetation over a range of the unique mountain landscape.

During the Rwenzori trek, every step is a unique mountain experience. You run out of expectation when you start realizing that the trek you’re set to do holds endless beauties. The scenery on the Rwenzori Mountains is unequaled to any other mountains in Africa. It is a whole range of beautiful outlooks in the Glacier Rivers forming water falls that feed the mountain lakes hidden in the sharp curved valleys covered by the most unique vegetation. On surprising moments, you will have chances to spot some of the 70 mammals, resident to the mountains or the colorful Rwenzori Turaco and other colorful birds endemic to the Rwenzori Mountains. ,

This 996km2 landscape makes the highest mountain range in Africa. Unlike other volcanic mountains on the continent, Rwenzori owes its beautiful extended scenery to its formation that was a result of faulting through the floor of the Western Rift Valley. Faulting is the same process responsible for the formation of the Albertine rift valley. This process involved tectonic forces and continental drifting leading to the tilting and squeezing upward of crystalline rock resulting into the formation of Rwenzori mountains and the rift valley.

To the local community, it is not just a landscape but you will realize that it is a life giver. Behold, they will show you their mountain and the beliefs they treasure during their life on these life giving mountains. You will also realize that Rwenzori Mountains offers the cheapest treks than you have always thought or when compared to the Africa’s Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Kenya. If you want adventure, value for money and a mountain mystical challenge on the African continent, Rwenzori Mountains is the best option.

Many travelers haven’t had a chance to trek or even hear about Rwenzori Mountains. This is why it is still a reserved opportunity for the few lucky ones like you and me. For your trip to Rwenzori, you have a long list of activities to choose from. These range from the most challenging that takes you to margarita or any other peaks to the foothills treks or having lunch in one of the community lodges as you enjoy the views, organized during the cultural community cultural tours. Here is a selection of trekking and cultural activities to choose from on Rwenzori Mountains;

  • Trek to the margarita and other peaks through Nyakalengijo central circuit trail, Kilembe southern trail or Bukurungu northern trail (8 and more days)
  • A trek on the central circuit or other trails without going to the peaks ( 7 or less days)
  • A trek on Mahoma trail (3 days)
  • Multiple Nature walk trails (1 day each trail)
  • Community guided walks on the foothills (3-4 hours)
  • Other cultural experiences such as dances, local cuisine, crafts and souvenirs…
  • Accommodation in the local lodges and homestays.

You can contact Rainforest and community tours to arrange your world class trek on the Rwenzori Mountains. We have established partnerships with the local indigenous communities that will be your porters / guides during this memorable trip as they introduce you to the unique culture of this park of Africa. We are able to offer you a customized and affordable mystical challenge to the Rwenzori mountains of the moon. To book your Rwenzori trekking trip, please contact us through the form on the right of this page or by email: Call/whatsapp: +256780278010/ +2560775241913