Snow Heights Lodge: No1 Luxury hotel

Finally, we have found a perfect spot to spend your luxury night, at the gate of Rwenzori mountains National Park. This place is Snow Heights Lodge.  Our guests fell in love with this lodge and I am sure everyone who stays here will be impressed by this offer.

surrounding and structures of snow heights lodge

Located in a natural forest by the river side, this is a true place to experience luxury, comfort and nature at the same time. Snow Heights Lodge is full of flowing beauty from the unique architectural designs, the spacious fully furnished luxury rooms to beautiful forest designed walkways that give visitors a feeling of being in paradise.

Cottages built out of local river rocks, wooden cabins, spacious restaurant and launch, Rwenzori visitors Centre, beautiful picture gallery, are some of the many features that define the lodge environment. It is a perfect blend that everyone will easily fall in love with. Sleeping in these rock cottages tucked in the forest makes everyone feel the sensation of the jungle.

Experience beyond mountain climbing

Formally, Rwenzori has been known for climbing peaks or trekking in the mud. This lodge has changed the game. Rwenzori has turned into a luxury destination for all. None climbers now have a home to unwind during the shortest break off their routine office or town life.

The restaurant has an interesting exhibition of the Rwenzori Mountains and regional, history, fauna and flora. By the end of the stay or at the end of a day visit, even someone who has never climbed the Rwenzori Mountains will come back with a wealth of knowledge about these Unique Mountains.

Snow Heights Lodge boasts of large presidential size cottages in the different categories of Family, triples, twins, doubles or singles. Each room is separated from the rest by a natural jungle, save for the same river and forest sounds that are shared by all residents through the stay.

The nights give a full witness of glamour on the pathways full of romance that every family, friends or lovers must experience during their special times.

Natural heritage at its best

With the location of this property, touching the park boundary, you can be sure to see wildlife like birds, insects, and primates visiting from the park, on a lucky day. The lodge is surrounded by a natural forest habitat that allows residents to enjoy abundance of nature at no extra entrance fees.

For Mountain Climbers, this is the perfect spot to start your trek to Rwenzori. The park gate is just next to the lodge. With plenty of space and this lodge, you have free private parking.

The lodge has a full time open restaurant, and bar. Between meals, guests can choose to walk around the forest or relax on the veranda to take the beautiful views of the Mountains and forested foothills below the Rwenzori Mountains

Guests who want to immerse deeper in nature will find the onsite hot-spring useful. On the banks of River Mubuku and within the same property sits a natural hot-spring. In this pond, up to six people can soak at a time and enjoy the natural warmth while listening to the river sounds, birds, and insects while gazing the skies.

snow heights lodge

Community experiences attached to the lodge

From the lodge, guests have full access to the different nature and cultural guided tours in Ruboni village. These tours include the Buraru forest walk, the Ruboni hill trek, The Ruboni community cultural walk or visiting the Community visitor’s Centre to get more information about the locally available guided tours, mix with the locals during the evening cultural events and other village experience sites.

You may want to book this lodge now or later. We request you to get in touch any time you want any other information. We shall be available to show you around our village. Most importantly, we wish to let you know that, booking at least two days before arrival will be a required to avoid any inconveniences.