Rwentera safari park is strategically located in the village neighboring Kibale forest. It is a suitable base for chimp tracking experiences and other local tours in the area around Kibale National Park.

With a beautiful location on the shores of lake Nyabikere, Rwentera Safari Park offers one of the best lakes views that you will find in this area. The accommodation has extensive space on the gardens and therefore ideal for large groups, families or anyone looking for open playing areas or relaxing during their visit to this part of Uganda.

Lake-front shade

Accommodation options:

A range of accommodation options is offered here. You will be able to choose from the following option;

The area in the facility is very quiet. Every guest room has a private balcony with furniture enabling guests to sit and meditate in a private natural setting. Cottages and other accommodations options are surrounded by forest giving the quietest and cool and freshly green environment that everyone would wish to have for a perfect holiday.

Birding at Rweteera:

Rweteera is a birders paradise. During the stay, guests enjoy the appearance of the colorful kingfishers on the woods along the lake. The bird list of this accommodation goes up to 350 bird species. This includes the woodland species, water birds and the savanna species. During birding tours on the lake shores, birders may sometimes be surprised by the appearance of the rare Hippo on the shore or swimming in lake Nyabikere. This is when they realize that Rweteera is also home for Hippos and other wildlife such as otters, primates and more, as the experienced guide will explain. It is a wildlife park on its own.

Kingfisher with a catch

Meals and activities:

Rwentera safari park has onsite restaurant and bar. Guests have the liberty of ordering a variety of drinks or foods and snacks from the wonderful chef who makes delicious meals. The friendly staff makes every guest feel at home during the stay. The camp also arranges all sorts of village activities including;

This accommodation generously contributes to conservation and community development. They employ local people, arrange tree planting activities for both the locals and visitors. Part of the revenue generated is used to support other local community projects. During the stay, guests have the opportunity to involve with the community through these many activities or visit a given home to spend a day learning the local way of life.

Self-contained Cabin

How to get there:

If you want to stay here during your visit to Kibale National Park, Rweteera Safari Park is your ultimate home. It is easy to find. It is located 22km from Fort portal town, on Kamwenge road. You will find the road signs reading Rweteera on the high way at Rweteera trading center. The branch off access point is well signed. From the branch-off point, it about 400 meters on the right, off the Fort portal – Kamwenge road.

In case you need help arranging your stay at this accommodation, please contact us and all will be done by our team in the shortest time possible. We can provide more information, transportation, chimp tracking arrangement or any other activities done in Kibale National Park and Rwetera safari park.

This trip is the unobstructed access to the local people and wildlife in their daily setting that depicts the local nature and culture, in queen Elizabeth national park. From the time you board the boat, you will be in a different world, celebrating life in paradise. The views display different natural setting like you would see in the dream of a thick jungle. The rim of the channel is lined by the thicket, bushes and sometimes patches of wetland that is home to the colorful birds and the crawling gentle monitor lizards. Sometimes, the eye will shoot to one of the rare creatures such as the crocodile, the fish eagle or otter diving for a fish catch.

The freshwater of the Kazinga channel is such a precious natural gift to the wildlife of Queen Elizabeth national park, every day. The large trails that touch the edge of the channel open up the extended miles of the savannah plains on both sides of the channel. They are the daily trails for wildlife as they move from near and far seeking to cool off.

You won’t miss the shooting puffs like fountains, or floating snouts of the hippopotamus swimming in the waters of the channel. Kazinga channel is home to hundreds of schools of Hippopotamus. It has the hippo population estimated to be over 1000 in the 20 miles channel alone.

Elephants after taking a drink from the channel

Every hour of the day, the different land animals such as elephants, buffalos, antelopes, waterbucks, and multitudes of birds take turns to deep for a fresh drink or a swim. The edges of the channel will commonly be spotted with wildlife. You will not miss the fun of seeing elephants charge to chase the small game from their water space.

The local communities have their space too. Despite the existence of hippos, crocodiles and other wildlife that could be dangerous, the local people are never deterred from swimming, fishing or collecting water for domestic use, off the shores of the channel. You will not miss the sceneries of the local wooden fishing boats, sometimes with energetic fishermen peddling their way to the fishing fields. This qualifies Kazinga channel as a life-giver for both people and wildlife, leave alone the green vegetation that is able to survive the scorching climate of queen Elizabeth national park and can still demonstrate the green belt along the edges of the channel.

From the time the boat cruise started on the Kazinga channel, decades of years ago, none of the travelers has ever regretted the decision to take the boat cruise. Making a decision to go on Kazinga channel boat cruise is your opportunity to explore wildlife closely in the most relaxed way, as you cruise east and west of the channel. Take a step today, contact us to arrange your turn of taking this experience during your next trip to queen Elizabeth national park.

Are you planning a safari to Queen Elizabeth National Park? You ought to choose the accommodation that will give you the value for your money. The Elephant Home is the ideal place to stay on a trip to this amazing national park. Located in a serene part of the community at Kikorongo, you will get amazed by their self-contained rooms, restaurants with a variety of cuisines, and information that will come in handy during your tour of the park.

Image credit: theelephanthome.com

Read on to understand why you should stay at The Elephant Home.

Proximity to the park

The first thing to love about The Elephant Home is its prime location inside Queen Elizabeth National Park. This makes it very accessible regardless of whether you come by public transport or private means. This accommodation is a 10 minutes’ drive to Kasenyi Tracks Park Gate. This is where the game drive begins. The lodging has easy access to a good road to allow exploring the whole park.

Hospitable Staff

This lodging has very hospitable staff with a wonderful chef to give you a pleasant experience at this budget accommodation. The rooms here are self-contained and furnished with appropriate beddings including other accessories to enhance your experience including:

The hospitality from the staff, beautiful rooms, and wonderful food are tailored to meet your ultimate safari experience.

Impromptu Elephant Visits

Just like the name The Elephant Home, look forward to seeing the magnificent African elephants even before touring Queen Elizabeth National Park. The chances of spotting elephants on the property are high. If you come in the cotton season, you will amazingly watch the locals interacting with elephants to protect their crops. You might even dare to walk the path of the elephants!

Since this accommodation is located outside the park, you won’t have to pay the parking fee to enjoy this remarkable closeness to wildlife. You might even get some Instagram moments as the elephants retreat to the park in a long procession while enjoying your breakfast in the open.

Self-guided tours

During your stay at The Elephant Home, the locals can guide you around the area. These will share their stories and experiences about living in the midst of wildlife. You can’t miss an opportunity to take a self-guided tour. This usually involves a savanna forest walk for about 30 minutes with the opportunity to catch amazing glimpses of Lake George located inside the park. This lake is lined with fishing people with amazing silhouettes of grazing wildlife at sunset.

Amazing picturesque views

The Elephant Home is situated on the foothills where Mountain Rwenzori kisses the savanna of Queen Elizabeth National Park. the lodge has a front view where to catch amazing glimpses of the park with its extensive wildlife field. This is where various animals wonder 24/7. You will get an opportunity to listen to the lionesses howling, hyenas laughing, and elephants trumpeting at night.

In the east of the park is Bunyaruguru Highlands offering a scenic backdrop of Queen Elizabeth National Park. You can catch this view from the restaurant while enjoying a delicious meal or on self-guided tour of the hills. There is also an opportunity to watch the sun set on Rwenzori Mountain.

Image credit: theelephanthome.com

Immense activities to indulge in

There is a lot to indulge in while residing at The Elephant Home to make you looking forward to your next Queen Elizabeth National Park safari. Some of these include:

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Queen Elizabeth National Park has to offer to give the ultimate safari experience. To enhance your experience, book your place at The Elephants Home to make the most of your safari. Located next to the park and easily accessible by a good road, you will have all the time to check out wild game in its natural habitat.