Also called the Valley of Apes, Kyambura Gorge is found in the far east corner of Queen Elizabeth National Park. The gorge is about 1 km across with its broadest point about 100 meters deep drained by River Kyambura. This is one of the most impressive landscapes to find in this country, the Pearl of Africa. The place is full of wildlife including wild game, primates, butterflies and birds.

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Chimpanzee Trekking-

This is the main activity at Kyambura Gorge, the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) issues permits for chimpanzee trekking. The Kyambura chimp permits are booked at UWA offices in the capital Kampala, on the ground; at Mweya visitor information center or at fig tree camp where the trek starts. This permit offers one hour of interacting with habituated chimpanzees and a day ranger guide.

A chimpanzee trek is a bit strenuous. It requires moving up and down the gorge using a walking stick. Book your ticket early to avoid missing out since this is a popular activity. Ensure to consult your tour operator on the price, availability, and procedure of booking your chimp trekking permit. The age limit for this activity is for those above 15 years.

Chimpanzee Trekking Vs. Gorilla Trekking

Both activities offer long-lasting memories but trekking chimpanzees is easier. This is because chimps usually live on flatter terrain. Additionally, chimpanzees rarely frequent upper mountain tiers. Chimpanzee families are easier to navigate and takes less time compared to gorilla trekking. Keep in mind that chimps are more likely to stick in the tress than on the forest floor.

Getting To Kyambura Gorge

One of the most scenic gorges in the East African Rift Valley, Kyambura Gorge is about 389 km in the southwest of Kampala. The gorge is located about 30 km in the northeast of Queen Elizabeth National Park headquarters. Kyambura Gorge is the only location where to interact with habituated chimpanzees or still in the two-year habituation process. It is a wonderful opportunity to watch these primates going about their activities in the midst of humans. 

You have to trek with a guide to Kyambura Gorge. The guide is always ready to respond to your questions regarding the local conditions. Perhaps you might take the road from Katunguru and move about 10 km towards the escarpment. At the gorge, you might have to climb down 200 meters passing from dry grassland at the top to the river and thick forest at the bottom.

Taking the Kyambura Gorge Chimpanzee Trek

There are two chimp trekking shifts with one at 8 am and the other at 2 pm. Foreign none-residents are expected to pay USD50 for the chimp trek per person. This fee excludes the park entrance fee of 40$ that has to be paid at the gate. The Kyambura Gorge chimp trek shift usually takes between one to three hours. Luckily, there is more to look forward to during the chimp trek.

Activities At Kyambura Gorge

Guided Nature Walk

With steep slopes formed by disorderly waters of River Kyambura, this gorge is covered by a verdant riverine forest. A guided nature walk here offers immense opportunities to catch amazing glimpses of various primate species including:

Bird watching

Apart from chimpanzees, Kyambura Gorge is also well-endowed with various avian species that make it a bird watcher’s paradise. These include:

Other attractions nearby the gorge.

The neighboring area has multiple salt crater lakes that attract beautiful flamingoes not seen anywhere in Uganda. Additionally, you might also be lucky enough to spot huge forest hogs roaming from time to time.

Forest Walks

There are three guided walks near the spectacular Kyambura Gorge. A more straightforward trail is around Lake Kyasanduka forest shore dedicated for bird watching. The second trail is at Lake Nyamasigiri revolving around five interlocking craters extending for over 4 km. Finally, the third trail leads to a large cave home to a large colony of bats food for the rock pythons in Maramagambo forest. 


Queen Elizabeth National Park is the place to be when looking forward to a wonderful Uganda safari experience. Apart from attractions like the Kazinga Channel boat cruise, you can’t miss the Kyambura Gorge chimpanzee trek. This will get you face to face with habituated chimps for an hour as they go about their daily activities unbothered about your presence.


Rwentera safari park is strategically located in the village neighboring Kibale forest. It is a suitable base for chimp tracking experiences and other local tours in the area around Kibale National Park.

With a beautiful location on the shores of lake Nyabikere, Rwentera Safari Park offers one of the best lakes views that you will find in this area. The accommodation has extensive space on the gardens and therefore ideal for large groups, families or anyone looking for open playing areas or relaxing during their visit to this part of Uganda.

Lake-front shade

Accommodation options:

A range of accommodation options is offered here. You will be able to choose from the following option;

The area in the facility is very quiet. Every guest room has a private balcony with furniture enabling guests to sit and meditate in a private natural setting. Cottages and other accommodations options are surrounded by forest giving the quietest and cool and freshly green environment that everyone would wish to have for a perfect holiday.

Birding at Rweteera:

Rweteera is a birders paradise. During the stay, guests enjoy the appearance of the colorful kingfishers on the woods along the lake. The bird list of this accommodation goes up to 350 bird species. This includes the woodland species, water birds and the savanna species. During birding tours on the lake shores, birders may sometimes be surprised by the appearance of the rare Hippo on the shore or swimming in lake Nyabikere. This is when they realize that Rweteera is also home for Hippos and other wildlife such as otters, primates and more, as the experienced guide will explain. It is a wildlife park on its own.

Kingfisher with a catch

Meals and activities:

Rwentera safari park has onsite restaurant and bar. Guests have the liberty of ordering a variety of drinks or foods and snacks from the wonderful chef who makes delicious meals. The friendly staff makes every guest feel at home during the stay. The camp also arranges all sorts of village activities including;

This accommodation generously contributes to conservation and community development. They employ local people, arrange tree planting activities for both the locals and visitors. Part of the revenue generated is used to support other local community projects. During the stay, guests have the opportunity to involve with the community through these many activities or visit a given home to spend a day learning the local way of life.

Self-contained Cabin

How to get there:

If you want to stay here during your visit to Kibale National Park, Rweteera Safari Park is your ultimate home. It is easy to find. It is located 22km from Fort portal town, on Kamwenge road. You will find the road signs reading Rweteera on the high way at Rweteera trading center. The branch off access point is well signed. From the branch-off point, it about 400 meters on the right, off the Fort portal – Kamwenge road.

In case you need help arranging your stay at this accommodation, please contact us and all will be done by our team in the shortest time possible. We can provide more information, transportation, chimp tracking arrangement or any other activities done in Kibale National Park and Rwetera safari park.