The experience of viewing wildlife in queen Elizabeth national park is like no other in Uganda. wildlife animals are very close and so easy to find. From time to time you see the guides on the boat tour pointing out at all sorts of wildlife along the edge of the channel, Even without lenses and binoculars. These guides don’t skip even the tiniest bird of this jungle. To them, the edge of Kazinga channel is a long line of animals cooling off in the greenery vegetation. This boat cruise is an opportunity for you to see queen Elizabeth wildlife through the eyes of the local expert guides

Hippos in Kazinga channel

Wildlife: Kazinga channel is a wildlife hub. It is one of the key places where multitudes of wildlife meet for the same livelihood purpose; water. Throughout the day, all sorts of wildlife line up on the banks to celebrate nature on this fresh water channel. During this boat excursion, you will likely find the elephants, antelopes, crocodiles, monitor lizards, hippos, buffalo and many others. The bird population on the channel is very high. The bird list includes both the endemics and the migratory species during certain seasons. You wil have high chances of finding the Buttonquail, Papyrus Canary, martial eagle, African Skimmer, Black Bee-eater, White-winged Warbler, White-tailed Lark, Papyrus Gonolek, Corncrake, Pinkbacked Pelican and many others among the 600 species of this park

Landscape: The landscape is breathtaking. During the sunrise, the sunset or just taking the extended views of the channel with the backdrop of Rwenzori mountains or the rift valley escapement. You will definitely be witnessing a green paradise dotted with wildlife of all sorts on the channel!

Local fishermen

Traditional fishing communities: It is a fishing hub; the channel supports a high fish population. This is partly due to the richness of the ecosystem with birds and other wildlife in and around the waters, that supports a large variety of aquatic life favorable for fish survival. The evergreen environment creates a good breeding ground for certain unique species of fish that is only found in this channel. A good number of communities live in the neighborhood of the channel and fishing is one of their key livelihoods. During the boat tour, you will meet the community members at work both on their canoes on the waters or on the shores getting their nets ready

The local guides are wonderful. They understand everything that crosses the eye, close and far. Being local experts, they will tell you how most of the features relate to the local life, demonstrating the relevance of wildlife and the native community.

Don’t miss an opportunity from exploring wildlife very closely. Let the locals show you their wildlife during the Kazinga channel boat excursion. You can contact us now to arrange your boat cruise for your next visit to queen Elizabeth national park.