Unlike in the past, the Kazinga channel boat cruise has become easier to arrange for all types of visitors. This has given everyone easy access an opportunity to explore the animal paradise of queen Elizabeth national park, on your trip to western Uganda.

Kazinga channel boat

From a long list of activity options, you will have the liberty to do a boat cruise with Mweya inside the park or with the community starting from Katunguru village. Both boat cruises are safe and well interpreted for you to get the background understanding of the park. The boats go on the same channel and show the same wildlife.

The community guides are very knowledgeable of the animals after their life long experience of living with wildlife. It is until recently that they have decided to get involved in tourism as a livelihood. This gives you and other travelers, an opportunity to tour with the resident expert guides as they tell you the past and present background of wildlife in this park and how they relate with them.

Never the less the boat cruise at Mweya is massive compared to the community boat it is spacious with an option for climbing to stand on the rooftop, enabling you to take a sweeping view of the entire landscape. This boat takes a larger number of people and requires a minimum of ten occupants to do the scheduled cruise at 11:00am and 3:00pm every day.

If you want to take the Mweya boat, you should be prepared to pay for a private car to bring you in the park. All these extra fees are minimal if you choosing to do a community boat cruise.

If you need some one to arrange any services for you

Are you staying for one or more nights or just visiting for one day in queen Elizabeth national park? We will be happy to arrange this boat cruise or any other services for you. The other services we can arrange re such as transport/ car hire, private guides and accommodation, all at no extra charges. Please note; it is also possible to do a boat cruise en-route queen Elizabeth national park as you head to Rwenzori, Bwindi or any other destinations north or south of the equator while in Uganda.

Don’t worry about the timing. We only need a minimum of one day to be able to arrange everything to your interest. This is only possible with the community boat since it doesn’t have fixed time for the excursions. It will take off any time during the twelve hours of the day

payment for Kazinga channel boat cruise

The payment for the boat cruise can either be done at the elephant home lodge; Kikorongo or at the dock (subject to prior booking). The currency that are accepted are; Uganda shillings and US dollars. All payment to the community has to be in cash as no credit card will be accepted at the dock. Upon payment, a receipt will be given and you will present this receipt at the dock before you join the boat cruise. You should ensure that you’re at the dock (where the boat cruise starts) 30 minutes before the trip starts.

considering that every boat cruise requires a park entrance fee, if you haven’t paid this for any other activity you did inside the park on tje same day, they will will have to pay at the dock. all payments to the park are cashless. this can be by credit card or mobile money.

With the above guidelines, you’re more than ready to explore the wildlife of queen Elizabeth national park on the Kazinga channel. Please contact us today if you need any further assistance. we will arrange any activity in this destination.