Daily trekking description for four days on the Rwenzori central circuit

Kampala – Kasese/ Ibanda gate1646m: This is the day you will transfer to Rwenzori base camp. The drive will take around 6 hours. En route Fort portal. Dinner and overnight at Ruboni community camp.

Day 1: Nyakalengija – Nyabitaba 2632 m: On the first trekking day, we start Rwenzori climbing. After a briefing with the local porters and guides, you will trek from 1646 meters to Nyabitaba hut at 2632 m. the trek is mainly through the lush forest and under the canopy. You have opportunities of viewing bushbucks, primates, birds, and sometimes you will cross the fresh spoors of the forest elephants. Dinner and overnight at the mountain camp. (5hrs)

Day 2: Nyabitaba-John math 3.414 m: On the second trekking day, Leave Nyabitaba and take the central circuit loop anticlockwise. The trail leads to the crossing point of rivers Mubuku and Bujuku. You will then reach Nyamuleju hut at 3000 meters a simple shelter among rocks. You will then hike for another 3 hours and reach John Matte hut at 3414 meters and spend the night. (7 hrs)

Day 3: John Mathe – Bujuku 3962m: The third trekking day will lead you to Bujuku hut after 5 hours of hiking passing through the Bigo bog where there is an old shelter. Bujuku hut is located at 3962 meters near the Bujuku Lake in a valley among 3 mountains: Mt Stanley, Mt Baker, and Mt Speke. After reaching Bujuku, you will relax, take the open views and explore a little with the guide, before returning to John Mathe for the second-night stay here. (7hrs)

Day 4: From John Mathe 3.414m to Ibanda gate 1646m: The fourth trekking day will involve returning to the Rwenzori National Park headquarters at the base camp. After breakfast, you will start early morning from John Mathe and head back to Nyabitable through the same route. Lunch at Nyabitaba and then continue for another 3 hours to the base camp. Dinner and overnight at Ruboni Community Camp for dinner and a night. (3hrs)