Ruboni Community Camp: The no.1 beautiful scenic option.

Ruboni Community Camp is probably the best accommodation lodge on the night before or after the Rwenzori Mountains trekking trip. It is also ideal for travelers who like to experience Ugandan local life in a rural setting. The Mountain scenery from the camp is breathtaking when viewing the backdrop of the Rwenzori peaks and foothills.

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Ruboni community camp

Why stay with us? 

Staying at Ruboni Community Camp is a dream come true for nature and culture lovers. The lodge is a combination of comfortable facilities, hospitable staff, and a great location in the heart of nature. Originally set for the Rwenzori trekkers on the night before and after their trekking trips, the camp has proved to be a great stopover for travelers who want to break their journey in the Rwenzori, between Queen Elizabeth and Kibale National parks. Staying at Ruboni Community Camp will add great value to your trip to western Uganda.

Amenities of Ruboni Community Camp: 

The three categories of guestrooms we have include; self-contained Panorama cabins, self-contained Bandas, and none self-contained rooms. Guests are treated to furnished twin and double beds setting private toilets, and bathrooms with overhead hot showers. In a greenery surrounding, each room has a balcony that offers Rwenzori Mountain views. We also have limited camping space for guests who come with their own camping gear. The restaurant onsite offers all meals, on order. In our mini-bar, we offer a selection of soft and hard drinks including; the opportunity to taste the wine made from locally farmed fruits.

What you can do here: 

The lodge has a range of activities that visitors can easily participate in. All our activities allow guests to mingle and mix with locals and fully experience the Rwenzori scenery, nature, and culture, as you explore the local way of life. The trips include; community-guided walks, Rwenzori trekking activities, and cultural shows and demonstrations. The selection includes; a forest walk, hill climb trek, village walk, traditional homestead visit, and attending the evening cultural festivals.

Our guest reviews

“Beautiful Mountain location at a walking distance from the Rwenzori N.P entrance, gorgeous views from the cabin and restaurant. Helpful staff, delicious food, excellent breakfast. Big room, proper solid mattress. Good thing there is no wifi. This is a peaceful place to disconnect and forget the worries of the world! Enjoy nature; fall asleep to the sound of the roaring river, wake up to birds singing… perfect.”  – Liisa Finland 


“The location was excellent, being just a short walk from the park entrance, and the facilities were spotlessly clean, with amazing views from my room and the terraces. The staff provided an excellent service, being very friendly, accommodating and the food was delicious. I was particularly impressed given that I was the first visitor after the lockdown was eased and arrived at short notice. They made a big effort to ensure everything was in place and made me feel very safe as I could see that the coronavirus guidelines were being followed carefully.” – Katharine – United Kingdom


“Wonderful and peaceful place in the foothills of Rwenzori. The staff was helpful and friendly and the food was delicious, cheap, and served on our terrace. Great views from the huts. Ruboni offers forest and village walks and trekking tours.” – Moritz – Denmark

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What to expect:

It is a stay at the end of the world with great cultures, foods, and scenery. You will enjoy the great scenery of the Rwenzori Mountains in a lush setting. In the silence of the day, the full sounds of nature will come to you relaxing on the veranda or sitting in the restaurant. You will experience the local culture and community life during the village walk that takes you to different homesteads. You will also find commendable nature walks which include; a forest walk, a hill climb trek, or trekking to the higher peaks of the Rwenzori mountains.

The evening is an opportunity to live like a local for a moment. Every evening, you can choose to immerse yourself in the local culture when you join the village at the cultural festivals. Here you will participate in the traditional dances, foods, drinks, and merry-making in the local style.

village walk experience

Village Walk

Hill trekking

Hill trek

forest trek

Forest walk

Rwnzori trekking

Rwenzori trekking

Homead experience

Homestead visit

traditonal dance performance

Evening cultural festival

Traditional hunting experience