Bwindi Impenetratble forest national park

Bwindi Impenetrable Forest is lying in the south west of the country, 414 kms from Kampala, on the border with The Congo, the park covers an area of over 330 sq kms. As the name dictates – this park real African jungle area, with dense undergrowth, vines and a wide variety of flowers and aphrodisiac plants.

Most visitors come to the park to catch a glimpse of the Mountain Gorillas, but the park is home to over 120 species of mammals, including chimpanzees, black & white colobus, blue monkey, bush pig, duiker, leopard, jackal and elephants in the south east of the park. There are also over 350 species of bird, 202 species of butterflies and over 200 species of trees found within the park A 4 wheel drive vehicle is recommended to get around the park. Gorilla tracking is limited to small groups and it’s advisable to book well in advance of your intended visit. Bookings can be made through most tour operators or directly with the Uganda Wildlife Authority. Community Accommodation: Camping facilities and a deluxe tended camp is available at Buhoma. If you have camping equipment, camping is permitted in designated areas in the park. There is also accommodation available in Kabale and other upcoming groups around the park. Our community accommodation around Bwindi national park include, Buhoma community rest camp, Nguringo cultural centre, clouds Mountain lodge, Ruhija gorilla friends camp and Nyundo valley hill traditional accommodation. The site you will use depends on the group you have paid to track, please tell us the gorilla group you will track and we will tell you which accommodation is suitable for you.