Rwenzori Homestay: Your No1, safe accommodation

Live like a local for a moment in the Rwenzori foothills, western Uganda. This home is in the gateway to the Rwenzori Mountains. Whether you want to do the treks to the high peaks or just explore the foothills, you have lots of activities to participate in while you stay here. At the end of each activity, you always come back home to a very welcoming family comfortable rooms, and a secure location for you and your property.

Why stay with us?

Staying at Rwenzori homestay gives an opportunity to immerse yourself in the cultures of Uganda, participate in the farming livelihood in a rural setting.

It is the perfect starting point for Trekking Rwenzori Mountains or exploring villages in the foothills of Rwenzori mountains national park. the view of the portal peaks and other foothills is great. You can choose to stay in a private guest house or the main house with the rest of the family.

Our amenities at Rwenzori Homestay:

At Rwenzori homestay, we have three private guest rooms with furnished single beds that can fit two people. We have electricity charging outlets in the guestrooms and living room, overhead showers, and flush toilets. it is a private property with plenty of space to play and private secured parking. Suitable for a family.

Rwenzori homestay

What you can do here: 

guided village tours, self-guided tours around the community, working on the farm as you learn how to grow the different crops; coffee bananas, or tending to domestic animals and participating in the traditional cooking activities. every evening, we are located near the community center. guests can walk there to attend the cultural festivals that happen every evening. Those interested can start their Rwenzori trekking trip here.

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What to expect

You will be staying on the farm where most of the food is harvested from the garden. the home has a few dogs and some domestic animals. It is an extended family with different settlements. Guests have private rooms and can openly ask for any information. You will choose to dine with the rest of the family or alone. The price is the bed and breakfast. no extra fees will be charged for water or other activities at the home. You can do your laundry with the rest of the family to see how it is done locally. You can have lunch and dinner in the nearby restaurant at the community center or have it with the family.


Cultural Events

Rwenzori Chameleon

Forest walk


Hill climb walk


Farming experience tour.