Kibale National Park

Kibale National Park – Located in western Uganda, covering an area of over 760 sq kms, Kibale Forest National Park lies 35 kms south of Fort Portal and adjoins with Queen Elizabeth National Park. Kibale is the perfect place to experience the true diversity of wildlife and flora found in a tropical rainforest.

The park contains the largest population of forest elephants found in Uganda but they are rarely sighted. Rich in wildlife and particularly noted for is primate population, of 11 different species, including the red-tailed money, blue monkey, olive baboon, chimpanzee, black, white and red colobus and white cheeked mangabey. Other mammals found are bushbuck, red and blue duiker, Uganda kob, Scaly-tailed flying squirrel, tree pangloin, buffalo, waterbuck and hippo as well as a large number of birds. A 4 wheel drive vehicles is highly recommended particularly during the rainy season. Accommodation: There are a number of hotels in Fort Portal, 35kms north of the park. Bigodi and kingo villages have basic lodges. Inside the park camping facilities are available, there are two private campsites with a tent sleeping two. There are also four additional campsites for those with their own tends and bedding. Our community accommodations at this area include Tinka’s homesteads, Safari hotel Kingo, Creater valley kibale.