5 days Rwenzori trek to Weismann peak

Rwenzori mountain is the third highest mountain in east Africa. Unlike Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Kenya being volcanic cone shape mountains, Rwenzori mountain is a range that extends with a length of 120 km and in width of 48 km.  Rwenzori mountains was formed by uplifting caused by tectonic movements responsible for the formation of western rift valley and this accounts for the thrilling beauty of this mountain of the moon. Because of this uniqueness, the level of challenge and trekker satisfaction on the Rwenzori mountains is un comparable to any mountain in Africa. After you climb the highest volcanic cones in Africa, you can try the highest mountain range, Rwenzori mountain which is also the highest block mountain in Africa.

Here is the five days trek that takes you to Weismann peak of Rwenzori mountains national park.

Day 1:  Travel to Kasese in the morning. You will transfer from Kasese town to the Rwenzori and arrive to the basecamp to Dinner and overnight at Ruboni community camp (BB)

Day 1: Nyakalengijo 1646m – Kichuchu camp 3008m: After a briefing with the local porters and guides you will trek to Nyabitaba where you will have lunch then trek more two hours clockwise route on the central circuit to Kichuchu rock shelter camp for Dinner and overnight. (7hrs) Mountain camp (FB)

Day 2: Kichuchu –Kitandara camp 4023m: Leave Kichuchu early morning and take the trail to guy yeoman. After lunch at guyeoman camp, continue to Kitandara camp where you will spend the second night. (7 hrs) Mountain camp (FB)

Day 3: Kitandara camp – Weismann peak 4620m – Kitandara: Early morning departure to Weismann peak and after taking the scenic moments, return to kitandara camp. kitandara camp FB

Day 4: Kitandara camp to Guy Yeoman camp, 3.261 m. After breakfast, you will trek counterclockwise returning to Guyeoman camp. After crossing Fresh Field pass head for the Guy Yeoman camp at 3261 meters. In case of fog or bad weather it could be hard to follow the trail and remember that the last part is full of bogs. Before Guy Yeoman hat there are other two shelters: Bujongolo and Kaijongo. Bujongolo is well known for having been the base camp of Luigi di Savoia, Duke of Abruzzi who conquered and fully explored the Rwenzori in 1906. (6 hrs) Mountain camp (FB)

Day 5: Guyeoman – Nyakalengijo base camp 1646m, the fifth trekking day on Rwenzori is dedicated to descend to the camp of Nyabitaba. On the descent there are some tricky points since the terrain is often slippery and boggy. After Kichuchu rock the trail will become easier passing through bamboo forests interesting to many birdwatchers. (5-6 hrs.) Mountain camp (FB)

You can also choose to take any of the longer or shorter Rwenzori treks. These include 8 – 11 days margarita peak trek, three days Mahoma trek, Kinyampanika chimp trek and many others.  After the Rwenzori trek, guests can choose to spend the last light at the base camp or go to the next destination of your trip. Options include; heading to queen Elizabeth for the wildlife safari or Kibale national park for the chimp tracking experience. Contact us if yuo want to take this trek.