A memorable trip of Ruboni Community overnight Hill trek – Rwenzori

This is what you get when you participate in the Ruboni community, overnight hill trek. it is the shortest, easiest and cheapest way to experience Rwenzori mountains nature, scenery and part of culture. Yes, you will be able to get, almost full experience of the Rwenzori Mountains in just one overnight. Many people admire trekking the Rwenzori Mountains, but very few have been able to do this trip, due to budget fitness and time challenges.

By introducing this community hill trekking trip, Ruboni Community Camp has solved all the three reasons why most people miss the experience of trekking to the Rwenzori. The community hill trek puts both the Rwenzori climbing and the community experiences in one beautiful, short and affordable trekking experience. 

The Hill trekking experience is an outdoor wilderness camping experience. It is sold on a full board package that covers the meals, guide and porter, camping gear, and the entire experience. It is easy to arrange within one day. The trek starts at 1615m to 2400m above sea level.

Trekking starts in the afternoon. After lunch at Ruboni community camp, start the trek with the porters and guides carrying your supplies. Cross River Mubuku and then start ascending. The hill is steep at some points, but our experienced community guides and porters will give you good company and enable you to keep on climbing to the peak. Trekking time is 1-2 hours climbing and 1 hour descending back to the community.

The trail is also a community path that takes some community members to their homes and gardens upon the hills. During the trek, you find local Ugandan people on the way doing the different activities that will give you an idea of the local village life. You will be passing through the community gardens where you will view some of the locally farmed crops around the village homes such as coffee, fruits, and vegetables.

 As you go up the hill, the scenery gets better, until you reach the peak where you will view the entire village, Queen Elizabeth National Park plains, and the Rwenzori Mountain peaks at the same time. Throughout the trek, you have resting points where you will take beautiful views, offering perfect picture moments. From the top, you will take a walk around to explore before setting your camp. In the evening and early morning; at sunset and sunrise, are the best times to take the perfect views. After setting your camp, is a good time for taking panorama pictures of the plains and villages. Other attractions include beautiful plants with bright flowers, chances of finding the small colorful birds of this area, and the fresh wind breeze typical of Rwenzori, that comes with the mountain sounds from the portal peaks.

Early morning gives perfect views and picture moments. The sun rises pointing towards the Rwenzori Mountains in the west. On a clear day, this is a good time to take the view of Margarita peak, the highest point in the Rwenzori Mountains and Uganda at a height of 5109 meters above sea level. On such clear days, you will be able to take perfect pictures of this peak and Stanley plateau with permanent glaciers. 

Margarita peak is believed to be standing on the border between Uganda and Congo. Trekkers through the central circuit take five days to reach this peak. This means this overnight trail is a perfect alternative for that long-distance and time

For as long as you want, take very close views of the portal peaks, the mountain forest, and the village with homesteads along the Mubuku valley. After a memorable moment at the peak, you will return to the camp for a nice shower and breakfast. This also marks the end of the overnight hill trek trip package. At this point, it is possible to take another night at the lodge or activity in the village.

The key requirements on this trek include; a walking stick, drinking water, stable walking shoes, light clothing, sun cream, and other items of personal nature that you will need overnight. It is important to consider not bringing so much unnecessary luggage on the trek to avoid getting more porters. The few items to trek with can be put in a small day pack that can be carried outside your main luggage. The rest of your luggage can be kept at the camp until you return.