Best way to Experience Ruboni (2 days)

Do you want to experience Ruboni? To get the best out of your visit to Ruboni, you will need at least one night two days of stay in these beautiful Rwenzori foothills. This time including the arrival and departure days.

Experience Ruboni

When you arrive, you will be able to participate in some activities, since it is easy to organize them on arrival. The best option is, you can participate in a cultural evening and overnight at the lodge of choice.

Early morning, wake up to the beautiful view of the mountains. most commonly (on a clear day) it will be the portal peaks located on the west end of the village. more activities will be awaiting where you can participate in until lunch time. After lunch, you will be able to check out and depart to the next destination.

What you can see as you experience Ruboni

The beauty of Ruboni village is outstanding. a long list of activities have been prepared to showcase the local nature and culture of Rwenzori. Here is the list of activities you can choose from;

  1. Ruboni Village walk
  2. Buraru Forest walk:
  3. Ruboni Hill trek:
  4. Overnight hill trek:
  5. Tree planting experience
  6. Bakonzo traditional cooking tour
  7. The handicrafts making workshop:
  8. Evening cultural dance:
  9. Taking the water falls trail:
  10. One day nature walk in the Rwenzoris
  11. Rwenzo overnight nature trek
  12. Bakonzo cultural dance
  13. The traditional hunting experience.
Experience Ruboni

Where to stay while you experience Ruboni village

Ruboni village has all ranges of accommodation in the lodges, guesthouses, campsites and home stays. the village has over ten accommodation facilities with a total of over 100 rooms each night. those who don’t need comfort can choose from the secured camping grounds in the village.

Payment methods available

Ruboni village experiences are not cash only. You can choose to use wire transfer, credit card payment, cash on arrival or mobile money options. Credit card payments attract a 4% charge on the total bill. most important, it is required to pay a deposit as reservation fee at the time of booking. the rest can be paid at or close to arrival

Ruboni village doesn’t have any bank. The nearest Bank and ATM machine is 28 km a way, in Kasese town. It is therefore necessary to carry cash for local shopping, tips and gifts.

Electricity and power sockets in Ruboni village

Uganda’s Electricity runs on 240V supply. And 50Hz. The plug in Uganda is plug is type G. this plug has 3 rectangular pins. The forma is in a triangular placement. The same applies to all the facilities and places in Ruboni village. All hotels have power sockets of that standards and it is important to check your appliances before you start the trip. Ruboni trails and treks are in remote areas without power. If you trust your consider carrying a power bank as backup.

How to get to Ruboni:

Ruboni is located in the Rwenzori foothills, Kasese district, western Uganda. From Kampala, Ugandas capital, you reach Ruboni either by road on Fort portal Mubende road and Mbarara Masaka road. By air, you can land at Kasese Airstrip and connect by road 26km away. The closest town is Kasese (28km away). From Kasese town drive 10km or Fort portal road. You will then branch off west, at Nkenda Electric terminal following the signs of Rwenzori mountains national park. Drive 18km on Nkenda-Nyakalengijo road up to the park gate. Your choice hotel in Ruboni village will be along this road heading west in Mubuku valley. You can use the Ruboni map on Openstreetmap to find your hotel.

On request, Ruboni tourism village can arrange your pickup from anywhere around Uganda, or from the closest town of Kasese.