Booking budget accommodation, for a complete trip to Uganda?

If you’re looking for budget accommodations around Uganda, please go no further. We will share them with you, give you their price quotes and show you how to get there on the most budget but reliable ways. Also, we organize and guide trips to every part of Uganda.

Our budget accommodations are manly located near Uganda’s national parks. Uganda has ten national parks, thirteen wildlife reserve, 10 forest reserves and some community protected areas. We know how to get you to these locations at the most affordable and reliable way.

On request, we are happy to conduct your trips by providing all or part of the required services as you may need such as transportation, hotel booking, trip plan development, and air ticket and visa purchases. Our trip will give you an opportunity to meet and mix with the indigenous people of Uganda like one of them. These tribes include the mountain people on Mount Rwenzori and Elgon, the Batwa tribe in Bwindi and Mgahinga. The karamajong living in and around Kidepo valley national park.

Besides the indigenous tribes, you will be able to visit the enchanting wildlife on the same trips. These include the gorilla, golden money and chimpanzee in their indigenous habitat in the selected forests of Uganda, the wildlife safaris and boat cruises during the visit to savannah parks; Queen Elizabeth, Kidepo Valley, Murchison falls, Lake Mburo and Semuliki valley national parks. During the safaris, you will also have options to walk, ride or horse ride to get to the wildlife at closest range.

Our team of experienced driver guides will ensure that you have the best time during your visit to Uganda. Book your accommodation or inquire now, through our contact us form.

We welcome you to Uganda!!