Community accommodation near Rwenzori Mountains National park.


If you’re choosing to visit Rwenzori mountains national park you can now find accommodation closer to the park instead of sleeping in the hot Kasese town. At the gate way, you will find community lodges that will cater for your food and accommodation needs perfectly well. The gate way, is located about  26 km from Kasese town, 17km off fort portal Kasese road, a distance you will either travel by special hire (cab) or Bodaboda (motorcycle taxi). The special hire charges 20$ while the bodaboda charges 5$. In my view, for those seeking travelling comfortably or with a large amount of luggage, I recommend a special hire. The special hire can take up to four people with their luggage at the same price.

The following are the lodges in this area;

  • Ruboni community camp
  • RMS safari lodge
  • Rwenzori turaco view campsite
  • Rwenzori homestay.
  • Tours holiday inn

For the visitors seeking some level of comfort, a new Equator snow lodge has been opened to provide more luxury services in the forest by the park gate. Not as good views here but quite exotic with high class of infrastructure and fittings. the stay here will costs you allot higher than the price of community lodges but it is worth it. Thanks to the Equator lodge, now the gateway destination is able to cater for a diverse range of holiday makers to the seeking to experience Rwenzori mountains.

The Rwenzori gateway is a unique find in this part of the country. It is off the beaten track and one of the least visited in the country. Visitors to this area enjoy the rich cultural encounters, lush green vegetated hills and valleys, friendly happy people, fresh foods and the breath taking scenery (esp. Ruboni community camp) The gate way has a total of about fifty beds each night. Since it is less visited, and with multiple lodges that are barely empty most of the time, every visiting guest will find availability at any time of the year.

Originally, Rwenzori Mountains have been only known for trekking the high peaks. However, the introduction of these community lodges and now the Equator snow lodge has opened this as a unique location for those seeking to leisurely explore the lower slopes of Rwenzori. These lodges are sold along the community tours and experiences outside the park. The community guided tours outside the park, expose visitors to the local wildlife. Now visitors can explore the areas in a day or two without climbing the high mountains or even without entering the park to pay park entrance fees. For the visitors who don’t want to spend a night at the gateway, they can sleep in Queen Elizabeth national park after taking a day’s activity that will normally last around three hours.

Why not add the Rwenzori gate way on your lowland trip of chimp tracking in Kibale and wildlife safari tour in Queen Elizabeth national park, so you don’t miss on these goodies at the gateway. Please contact us for more information or booking of accommodation/ activities at Rwenzori gateway.