Mount Elgon National Park

Mount Elgon National Park lying 256 kms north east of Kampala, bordering with Kenya in Eastern Uganda, This volcanic Mountain covers an area of 1155 sq. kms. It offers a diverse variety of scenery, vegetation and cultures. Mt. Elgon is an extinct volcano with a gradual slopes to the crater rim, lying at 4,321 metres above sea level.

Mountaineering skills are not required for any trekking trip to Mount Elgon. The whole region is excellent for hikers and climbers, with caves, rock painting, gorges, waterfalls providing excellent scenery.

Sipi Falls, at the foothills of the mountain is a favorite destination. The parks has a variety of small game including, duiker, hyena, leopard, chimpanzee, buffalo and elephant and numerous species of birdlife.


There are five designated campsites at Sasa River, Mude Cave, Hunters Cave, Piswa Patrol Hut and Kapkwata with basic amenities. Visitors needs to carry their own tents and food.

The community accommodation facilities around this park are the Crows nest, Blue Star Home stay, Moses Campsite. Please see our short trips to get more information.

Kapkwata Guest House has three main rooms with a sleeping capacity for seven people. There are several hotels in Mbale town ranging in price and quality.