Finding accommodation, hotels, lodges at queen Elizabeth national park

Accommodation in queen Elizabeth national park is no longer a thing to worry about. The tourist lodges and hotels options have more than doubled in the recent years. The park has sufficient places to sleep for every traveler throughout the year.

In additional to the traditional luxury accommodations like Mweya safari and jacana lodges the park has received an uplift of this category by the addition of other thrilling upmarket accommodation such as the volcanoes Kyambura gorge, Mazike, Kyambura game lodge, Ihamba lakeside resort. Elephant plains, Ishasha wilderness camp and others on the list

The list of mid-range budget and shoestring accommodations is almost endless and yet, all these hotels will give you satisfaction to the fullest. This destination of queen Elizabeth is packed with very hospitable staff that will show you everything. The refreshing landscape and physical features are unique to every accommodation and you will have a long list to choose from basing on your budget and taste. If you want to stay long in the destination, try using a number of hotels at different nights, you will go with a richer experience and comparison.

Every guest definitely loves this destination.  Whether you use a hotel, safari camp, a campsite, a lodge or homestay, you can be sure to get the best services in this destination. Guests at different levels are extremely in love with their hotels. the list to choose from is endless, including the baboon resort, twin lakes hotel, Kasenyi safari camp, the elephant home, Marafiki safari lodge, the little elephant camp, park view safari lodge, baboon safari resort, Kingfisher, Kyangabi crater, Dave the cave and many more others spread over the park in Ishasha Mweya, Kasenyi, Kyambura, Kikorongo, Katwe and other sectors. Probably by the time you read this we will be having another layer of exciting options of accommodation. Please look well and you will definitely find something that suits your budget during that memorable trip to Queen Elizabeth national park.

For those who may wish to stay in the neighboring districts around queen Elizabeth national park, you will find an abundance of lodges in all budget levels. It will be a mere 20-30 minutes’ drive to Queen Elizabeth national park. These neighborhood territories include Kasese town, Ishasha, and Rubirizi. In these areas, you will find lodges such as Margarita, Sandton, Tj global, Katara, Savannah hotel, and many others.