How and where to make reservations of community activities in Uganda.

Uganda’s rich culture should be added to every trip to the pearl of Africa. Uganda’s rich culture adds allot of value to any trip around this country. These activities are located on the main tourist routes or close to the different national park of Uganda. Some of these cultural activities that can be added on the trip include; cooking tours in the varied tribes and ethnic groups, traditional dances and Percussion, village cultural and nature tours to learn the local heritage and way of life, crafts making workshops, traditional story telling, traditional medicinal tours and healers experience, hunting and gathering tours such as the Batwa trail, the Nubian and karamajong communities, coffee experience and other agriculture tours, traditional mining tours and many others. Where and how to reserve these community activities?

In the past, many travellers have missed out on the opportunity of experiencing Uganda’s rich culture due to the complexity of making reservations of the community-based tourism activities. Uganda community tourism association (UCOTA) has made the reservation and booking for these community experiences and accommodations so easy and reliable. With this effort, reserving these activities is no longer a problem. Everyone coming to Uganda will definitely find it so easy to book these inspirational cultural encounters.

This is how simple it is to make reservations for community tourism in Uganda. Two most reliable contacts to book community activities are; Uganda community tourism Association (UCOTA) offices on and Rainforest and community tours, on this website Please go ahead and try out our new innovation that makes reserving community activities so easy and cheap.You can make your activity reservation in different ways basing on any of the level and category bellow;

  • If you know the community activities or accommodation you want to reserve for your trip, then you just need to mention the name of the accommodation or activity with the dates you want be there. From then, the reservation in any part around Uganda will be done within one day.
  • If you want to know which activity or accommodation to add on your Uganda trip, just mention the location you want to visit and how much time you have at the location. You will be supplied with the optional accommodations and activities in the respective area and you can choose. From the time you make a choice, the reservation will be done in one day.
  • If you don’t have the itinerary and direction of your trip, but you want to visit Uganda, you will need to mention your key highlights, budget range, number of people on the trip and how many days you have for the trip. An itinerary will be shared to you by our staff, with the guiding information on prices, distances etc. This itinerary will be shared within 2-7 days from the time of sharing your trip information. Reservations are normally done within one day of final acceptance of the offer. Please note that, we hold a long list of community accommodation and activities in Uganda.

In all categories, a quote may be shared or you can choose to contact the communities providing the services directly to process the prices. The advantage is, until the end of this stage, this is done at no additional costs other than the prices of the activity. This means, no additional fees will be charged to you other than the actual price of the accommodation or activities reserved. After we have done all the reservations, you can also choose that we recommend an agency to manage your trip around Uganda; reservation confirmation, transportation or activity payments.

Besides the benefit of enjoying easy reservation contacts for these unique activities, communities in Uganda are offering the budget accommodations and a long list of nature and cultural activities with high level hospitality all around the country. These are activities that most people have been missing out. The activities are located close to all national parks. for those looking to travel on budget, this turns out to be an opportunity to save over 50% on your planned accommodation and activity budget by adding community alternatives to your trip plan.

Uganda community tourism association is a membership umbrella none profit for community-based tourism in Uganda. With a national office in Kampala it is easy to reach and process all your reservations. UCOTA can be reached on; Tel: +256414501866/ 772657700.  Email: Website: Please contact us here now for more details on how to reserve your activities and accommodation of choice.