A wildlife safari in Kasenyi tracks.

Meeting a pride of lions on the Kasenyi tracks is one of the most captivating moments during the wildlife safari in queen Elizabeth national park. When you visit this park, you cannot afford to miss this wonderful opportunity. Kasenyi is the most preferred location for wildlife safaris in this national park. Duing the visitm you can also do suplemenatry safaris at Mweya peninsular or Ishasha sector famous for the tree climbing lions.

The game drive here starts at 7:00am when the park gate opens. All wildlife safaris are exclusively done by car. It is preferable to have a 4wd car since the road may be slippery during rainy days. Open roof cars add more value enabling you to view wildlife and taking a panoramic view of the beautiful landscape. A private guide on the car is recommended as they will share allot of facts about the animals found during the safari.

It is a perfect mix of the jungles and animals in the varied landscapes. Common site during the safari are the different types of antelope, warthog, buffalo, hippopotamus, elephants, the large cats, birds and other small mammals. It is such a relaxing landscape as you take a sweeping view of the Savannah spotted with thickets, bushes and antelopes all over. The Uganda cobs and water bucks are clustered in large herds forming imaginary lines all over the landscape. Sometimes you will see large herds of game crossing the road in front of your car as they chase each other in the Savannah play. this scenery makes the safari feel like a legendary dream. Suddenly, you see the giant elephants coming-by like a moving hills flapping their ears while taking the dainty steps. This vision will definitely prompt you to stop for moments to take the picture opportunities or viewing the game at close range.

Kasenyi is the home of the king of the jungle. Several lion prides live in this area. while here, it is most likely you will spot a pride of lions either resting or hunting. This is the key highlight of most safari seekers who visit queen Elizabeth national park. When you find them, you have a chance to spend the time of your choice observing the behavior of the pride. Depending on the time of the day, they will be in different moods; relaxing, moving hunting or hidden in the thickets to digest the recently finished hunt. Other wildlife you may find include the hippos in the pool or lakes, the solitaire and herds of buffalo, the Uganda cobs as they watch for safety against the lion and other cats. With a ranger or our experienced safari guide, you will get explanations and background for all the wildlife you find on the safari.

At the extreme end of Kasenyi tracks, you find the Salt Lake with relaxing views of the salt pans and the craft market where you can buy souvenirs. You can choose  a lunch spot in one of the hotels overlooking the salt pans. The lodge surroundings here are crowded with multitudes of wildlife, making it feel like a spot in paradise.

Whichever your choice of safari may be, we will be happy to bring you there. During this safari in Kasenyi tracks, you will be exposed to multitudes of wildlife in their natural habitat, like never before. We have made it so easy for everyone to do a wildlife safari in Kasenyi. At the elephant home lodge, we organize all activities to this magical safari land. we will arrange your car hire, guides, park entrance fees and others.