How to arrange your Rwenzori trek in three easy steps

This is how to arrange your Rwenzori trek in three easy steps

In this modern time of travel, we have felt it necessary to make Rwenzori trekking allot easier for the travelers. In this attempt, we have made the process easier and prepared pocket friendly packages that sale the Rwenzori Mountains adventure in assorted categories and yet give equally high level of fulfilment to both experienced and none experienced climbers. We help you arrange the Rwenzori trek in the following three easy steps;

  • Step 1: Inquire / Contact us through our website (, email ( or whatsapp (+256780278010). Our staff will respond to your inquiry and provide you all the information and necessities. This information will enable you to decide and prepare your payment.
  • Step 2: Pay one price for everything on the trip. We offer the lowest price but ensure to give one of the best services during the trip.  You will be provided the invoice and payment details. At this point, you can choose to pay 50% or 100% of the price.
  • Step 3: Arrive at the base camp one day before the trek starts. On arrival, you will be briefed and prepared for your starting day.

besides benefiting from the simplicity and convenience of arranging the trip, we offer the best price that you will not find anywhere on these mountain ranges. your trip will be managed and conducted by the indigenous tribe of this mountain as they show you their original mountain way of life. For those who want to pay over a long period of time we have a facility that allows you to pay your trip in installments of your choice until the full payment is done. Please note that you must have done full payment by the date of starting the trek.

If you’re interested in joining a scheduled trip, you will need to mention this at the beginning so that we can match your days with other available treks.