How to do Kyambura gorge chimp tracking along with Queen Elizabeth national park safari.

Commonly called the valley of apes, Kyambura gorge gives a good blend of Chimp tracking experience to the queen Elizabeth wildlife safari. The gorge is in the famous kyambura wildlife reserve,  that is part of the larger queen Elizabeth conservation area. It is about 100 meters deep and a land surface area of about 1km Sq.

The chimp tracking experience in Kyambura wildlife reserve starts from Fig tree rangers post. It is located on a branch off that is about 7.5km from Katunguru Bridge. This experience can be accessed by both guests on private or public transport. For private transport, you will branch off at 5.8km from katunguru bridge and drive left for 1.7km up to fig tree camp. Those on public transport means, either from Rubirizi or Katunguru side, you can take a taxi up to Kyambura stage. At kyambura stage, you will take a boda-boda to bring you to Fig tree camp. Arrange with the boda-boda to pick you after the tracking experience so that you don’t have to walk back in the park, which may be dangerous, with the wildlife roaming loose. It is also possible to arrange a special hire to bring you to and from fig tree camp.

Activities in Kyambura gorge are exclusively sold by Queen Elizabeth national park, Uganda wildlife authority. Payments can be done at the Mweya visitor information center or at Fig tree ranger’s camp where the chimp tracking and other forest activities start. The activities fees are charged exclusive of the park entrance fees. Currently, at the time of publishing this, the price for the chimp tracking experience is 50$ and park entrance fee (40$) of Queen Elizabeth national park is charged on top of this. Please contact us or the ark for updated prices at your time of travel.

For those who want to do more than chimp tracking, Kyambura gorge has allot more to offer. It has the only underground forest that you will ever find in your life. In Kyambura, you will be surprised by a thick canopy just next to the scorching hot Savannah of Queen Elizabeth national park. This tropical (underground) forest is home to chimpanzees and other wildlife such as a variety of birds on the queen Elizabeth bird list such as falcons, African Finfoot, the blue-headed bee-eater and others. You will also find a variety of monkeys, giant forest hogs and baboons. The forest also acts as a dispersal area for the large mammals from Queen Elizabeth national park. On  a lucky day, you may be able to find hippos in river Kyambura, buffalos, elephants and others during their good times grazing in the reserve. It is such an amazing spot finding such a rich habitat in this small area that is next to the equator and also very contradictory to the large spaces of hot Savannah in the rest of queen Elizabeth national park.

Besides natural attractions, Kyambura gorge is surrounded by a community neighborhood that have allot to offer to visitors. The local communities will show you their local livelihoods, cultures and other local trades to demonstrate the life they count with wildlife in Queen Elizabeth national park. These encounters are better arranged on prior appointment, the community activities include; coffee farming and processing, crafts making, traditional dances and other village tours. On longer walks, the community guides will take you to the crater lakes to show you the fishing side of the local people. As you move to the craters, you may have a chance to pass by the beer brewing point where locals make local beer out of bananas, a process that is quite inspiring.

Please note that, your visit to Kyambura gorge can be arranged from the elephant home. Contact us if you want to add this activity to your private safari.