How to find Budget accommodation near queen Elizabeth national park

The low-priced accommodation near queen Elizabeth national park was hard to find, in the past years, before the communities established budget accommodation options. At the moment, it is more likely that you can stay very close to the park for just a few dollars and save for the rest of your trip. Currently, a range of accommodations can be found in every community that is adjacent to the park, in areas such as Kikorongo, katunguru, Kyambura, Muhokya, kasese town, katwe kabatoro town council, Kasenyi, kasoga and other villages.

The value with this budget accommodation option is that, when you stay, you can be able to arrange all the park safari activities without any hustle. No paying extra consultation fees since you will be dealing with community members who are locally experienced and happy to give you information. Since they live near the parkm they know every bit of the information and requirements for safaris and other activities.

Like any lodges in and around queen elizabth national park, all community budget lodges can be easily reached by email, WhatsApp or other online options. It is also possible to arrange advance payments to these lodges before travel. Uganda community tourism Association (UCOTA) in Kampala can freely provide all the required arrangements to make your bookings and payments. UCOTA is the umbrella organization that is none profit helping the local communities around Uganda reach out to the market in a professional and swift way.

One such lodge owned by the community is the elephant home. This accommodation is a good example turning to be a highlight of all visitors who choose to stay outside the park. It is a unique find that is affordable, accessible, delivering delicious meal and other reliable services in the most hospitable way. The elephant home will take you by surprise when you realize how much you have saved on the accommodation and yet the high level of hospitality offered for such a low price. From this lodge, the guests get all activities arranged for them in and outside the park. The list of activities you can arrange from here is endless, as you will prove during your stay, when you see a displayed list in their restaurant available for you to choose from.

Whether you’re still at home, have already landed in Uganda or you have arrived at queen Elizabeth national park, don’t be shy to give the elephant home a try. The activities that can be arranged from here include; the wildlife safari in Kaseny tracks, Kazinga channel boat cruise, a visit to the Katwe salt mining lake, chimp tracking in Kyampura gorge and Kalinzu forest and the local community activities done outside the park; these include the village walk, traditional dances, crafts workshops, the boda-boda safari and other cultural encounters.

It is the affordable, flexible and most fulfilling way you can do your trip to queen Elizabeth national park, a medley of wonders. For your next trip to queen Elizabeth national park, Book your stay at the elephant home or any other activity around queen Elizabeth national park.  You can contact us today or reach out to the different lodges directly to arrange your stay