How to join Scheduled and shared wildlife safaris in queen Elizabeth national park

It is good news that now travelers can be able to find scheduled wildlife safaris going to queen Elizabeth national park. This safari is an opportunity to explore queen Elizabeth most affordably and timely. For those who are travelling alone or on budget, it will give you a chance to meet a great team that is well managed for the time you want to visit queen Elizabeth national park. As you explore this opportunity more, you will realize that it is as good as an organized safari. The only difference is that it gives you a little more!! A great team under good management specifically tailored to your interests at a low budge since you don’t pay the high commission costs of the private tour.

The safari is organized by a local lodge but can also be joined by guests from all other lodges. It is a standard safari with a 4WD safari vehicle, an experienced driver and a ranger guide on board. Having a ranger guide on board is an added advantage to find and understand the background of wildlife. We get a resident ranger from the park to ensure that our guests don’t take any chances. The safari is scheduled for every Saturday of every week, starting at 6:30am and ending at 6:00pm. It is a full day of exploring the park and her neighborhoods. The safari takes up to six people and can range from 160$ each person joining. The safari price covers accommodation for two nights on bed and breakfast, the car for a whole day, a boat cruise on Kazinga channel and game drive in Kasenyi tracks. This is entirely what gives you an opportunity to explore every beauty of queen Elizabeth.

Upon contacting us, we will send you a full email with the prices and terms. After finding availability and agreeing on the prices and term an invoice will be shared. Our price will include park entrance fees for the guests, all costs of the above items and bed and breakfast accommodation for those using the lodge that organizes the safari. On request, it can include accommodation in the community lodge or any other lodge of guest choice. Please note that if you select a different lodge, your price may vary a little basing on the pricing of your lodge.

The price excluded transport to and from queen Elizabeth national park, meals (dinner and lunch) other additional activities not mentioned. However, these excluded items will be easily added on request on a case by case basis as may be requested by the individual travelers interested in joining the safari. Guests can inquire here and we will lead them to the lodge or book them in (subject to availability on their days of interest). We will help to provide information and support on how to travel from anywhere around Uganda, to queen Elizabeth national park, by private or public transport.