Dave the Cave Eco-lodge

Dave the Cave is an eco-lodge located in  Nyanzibiri village. Nyanziibiri is a local Ugandan dialect meaning two lakes. The lodge is perfectly perched on the edge of the beautiful twin lakes; Kamweru and Chema, at GPS coordinates; -0.26082, 30.12364. It is a modest eco-friendly lodge with private guestrooms, dormitories, a camping ground by the lakeside, and restaurant facilities. Dave the cave has 6 wooden comfortable cottages with a capacity to accommodate up to 24 clients per night. Besides the beautiful nature and scenery around the lake, the traditional story of the two lakes and how they relate with the local people has inspired so many visitors. Overlooking Lake Kamweru, the lodge offers comfortable accommodation, delicious fresh meals, and nature-based short trips to this area neighboring Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Why you must stay here

All travelers who are friends with nature must stay with us during their trip to Queen Elizabeth National park. The lodge is forested and is home to an abundance of wildlife such as monkeys, birds, butterflies, insects, squirrels, and other small mammals. In the lakes and wetlands, you will find fish and other amphibians.

The friendly staff offers a very high level of hospitality at the lodge, and on guided community excursions. The lodge is a perfect base for exploring the entire crater lakes area, with a long list of affordable walks and activities. The onsite mini-museum, forests, and herbal gardens offer guests an opportunity to explore nature and culture throughout their stay.

Dave the cave is a birder paradise with a list of over 120 bird species. A balcony in each room offers the best views of Kamweru lake and the surrounding wildlife. We also have abundant camping grounds with both the lake view, hill view, and bush camping. The lodge also offers some camping gear for hire when needed

Activities and short trips you can do during your stay

  • The cave tour
  • Crater lakes tour
  • Kalinzu chimp tracking and forest walks
  • Nature walk to the transparent lake
  • Wildlife safari in Queen Elizabeth National Park
  • Banyaruguru cultural dance performance
  • Kazinga channel boat excursion
  • local brew making experience
  • Onsite museum visit
  • Sportfishing


  • Enjoying the local fish caught from the nearby lake and prepared with locally grown spices.
  • Going under the cave and listening to the traditional secretes about it.
  • The scenic tour of the crater lakes that enables you to take great sceneries over the crater lakes landscape
  • The arrival at the transparent lake and being able to see everything on the lake floor.
  • The traditional dance by the campfire in the evening

Responsible travel

  • Dave the cave is fully community-owned and run. this creates employment for the local women and youth.
  • All foods prepared at the lodge are locally sourced. This lodge creates an income opportunity for the local farmers
  • To promote local tours and other services rises both the guest awareness about the local community.
  • the lodge supports tree planting using some of the profits. Tree planting is promoted to the guests and they are allowed to plant some trees during their visit. this is a perfect way of raising conservation awareness
  • the lodge is located on the bank of the lake. a big chunk of land has been bought by the lodge to be left intact as a delicate habitat, as a way to conserve the lake and other wildlife.

What to bring

  • Insect repellent
  • Drinking water can be bought in the community
  • Walking shoes
  • gumboots and a small umbrella may be required during the forest walk and on rainy days
  • Warm clothing and rain gears as the area do receive heavy rainfall
  • A hat as the area can be hot
  • Sun cream
  • Camera and binoculars (optional)
  • Cash and change for tips