Rwenjeru Community campsite – Lake Mburo National Park

At Lake Mburo National park, welcome to Rwenjeru, a traditional village, named after a sacred white calf of the Ankole culture.

Rwenjeru community campsite is located near Lake Mburo National park, on the road to Katengyeto gate. It is a community of cattle keepers and their livelihoods rotate around cows with little supplementary farming income. the common cows are the traditional Ankole long-horned cattle and the cows here are given names like any other members of the family. During the visit to the Rwenjeru community, the local guide will take you on a cattle-keeping tour showing you how they tend to their cows; giving them water, singing for them, setting fire for them, or calling each one of them by name.

Why you must stay here

 Rwenjeru campsite is located on the rood to lake Mburo national park. guests who stay here find it easy to access the park through Katengyeto gate.

you will get an opportunity to immerse your self in the true Ankole culture. The host are indigenous Banyankole and their livelihood are cattle keeping and some farming. They have the Ankle long horned cattle and tend to them all day. guests will come along to see how milking, watering and other grazing activities are done in the traditional way.

prove how the Ankole long-horned cow is treasured by the Bachwezi culture. You will also listen to the background of this culture as you follow the hosts tending to their cows.

The guest house and campsite are a budget accommodation option in this destination. it is suitable for those traveling on a tight budget.

The guest house onsite is private and suitable for a family traveling together.

The camp is seated on the hilltop offering great views of the surrounding landscape. You will enjoy the great views and scenery over the undulating hills of Ankole overlooking lake Mburo National Park

Activities and trips you can participate in during your stay

  • Cow watering experience
  • Organic foods preparation demonstration
  • Traditional beer brewing
  • Wildlife safari in the park
  • Boat cruise on Lake Mburo
  • Visiting Rbale fishing village.
  • Kazuma viewpoint trek
  • Kigarama viewpoint trek
  • Night game drive in the park
  • Sportfishing in lake Mburo
  • Rubale fishing tour experience


  • Dressing in a cattle keepers costume and tending to the cows like one of the locals
  • Farming, cooking and eating freshly growing organic foods
  • Spacious camping with great scenery over the gentle hills of the area

Responsible travel

  • Creating income and employment for the communities living next to Lake Mburo National Park.
  • the site provides a market for local agriproducts and community services
  • The sites support community skills and economic empowerment. tailoring machines have been acquired for the local women.
  • Promoting environmentally friendly transport. Bicycle usage for local transport. the community members have been supplied with bicycles to ease local transportation.

 What to bring:

  • Walking shoes or boots as it can get muddy
  • Insect repellant
  • Hat and sun cream
  • Layers and waterproof jackets (climate is changeable)
  • Cash for tips and gift purchases
  • Drinks and snacks can be purchased
  • Binoculars for bird watching
  • Plastic bag to protect cameras etc