Kazinga channel boat cruise, a perfect wildlife paradise

Kazinga channel is such a wonderful evergreen territory all year round. A good selection of wild animals ranging from the small game, reptiles, birds, large mammals and the big five crowd in and around the waters of channel making it a true paradise in the pearl of Africa. A boat cruise on the channel is the only sure way to find all wildlife in one place. This excursion can be easily added on your queen Elizabeth safari activities. The channel is approximately 40km, water way that dissects the national park in two major sectors and attracts wildlife from all over the national park, to cool off throughout the day, making it a perfect stopover for wildlife lovers.

With experienced guides, the daily boat excursion takes you on a two hours journey. Every trip on the Kazinga channel show cases the aquatic life of this rich habitat. It is such an awarding experience getting close to wildlife as you watch their behavior in their natural habitat. It is such a paradise of wildlife in their natural habitat. The banks of the channel are commonly lined with all sorts of wildlife including elephants, water-bucks, buffalo as the large mammals. The waters are dotted with the scenery of hippopotamus backs and snouts and sometimes large stretched jaws of hippos. The channel is known to have one of the highest concentrations of hippo population in east Africa. This can already be witnessed during this wonderful water safari. You will find a team of experienced local guides. These guides treat you to the best hospitality. They will tell you everything about all wildlife and the landscapes you find during the boat cruise.

A minimum of two scheduled boat cruises are conducted daily, taking you to this wildlife paradise. One at 11:00am and the other at 3:00pm. Besides, you can choose to hire the boat any time of the day (subject to prior arrangement) the boat cruise can be taken from two different points. One at Mweya peninsular while the other at Kazinga channel bridge. The katunguru boat is conducted by the local community and therefore requires no park entrance fees. To do the boat cruise from Mweya peninsular, one needs a private transport to access the starting point and park entrance fees as per the current park tariff.

Kazinga channel boat excursion is a two hours break in paradise that brings you to the jungles with elephants plunging their trunks in the waters of the channel fighting for space with all other wild animals crowded on the water edges. The community boat cruise at Katunguru has made it even easier for you while on transit as you may want to enjoy this wildlife paradise without entering queen Elizabeth national park or spending much time arranging this experience. This flexible community boat can be taken any time of the day (between 7:00am and 7:00pm). It is accessed from Katunguru town.  It is a perfect break from your long drive journey, taking a minimum of two people. The low minimum numbers required make it more likely that everyone can take it whenever they arrive.

During the cruise, the scenery is great too. Just make sure you’re ready with your camera and binoculars as you will make wonderful picture with wildlife in active moment, as you meet the local fishermen with their wooden boats. In the mornings and evenings, the sunrise and sunset in the background make it feel like a cruise in paradise. It is also possible to have an extended community boat cruise at an extra pay. You will need to book and negotiate in advance how many more hours you need to add to the set two hours.

For those planning to do a boat cruise on Kazinga channel, it is advisable to arrive 30 minutes before the starting time. Cruises are normally planned in advance to avoid inconveniences. The guides are always waiting at the dock and they ensure that it starts exactly on the perfect times to find wildlife most active. Please note that, all payments must be done before going to the boat as you will be required to show the receipt before you board. At any of our affiliate lodges near queen Elizabeth national park, we can book the boat cruise of your choice, whether as part of a long safari or independently.

Please contact us today to arrange a boat cruise on Kazinga channel- your gate way to the perfect wildlife paradise.