Rwenzori camping trips, a new way to take a life time experience.


Life is a journey. You ought to make it interesting by taking along the best and unique experiences. Rwenzori camping trips is one of those best experiences of life. It is the only mountain where camping trips had never been conducted before. during the traditional Rwenzori trekking trips. trekkers are kind of protected from enjoying the beauty of Rwenzori by getting themselves enclosed in the mountain huts. To give you the true beauty and experience of Rwenzori, we have to unlock you from the huts and put you closest to the beauty of these beautiful mountains. along with this opportunity or experience Rwenzori in the most unique way, we give you three main values that you wont find anywhere else; 1). the cheapest price for the best services, both of which you wont find anywhere else 2). One price package covering everything that enables you to pay at once or in installments until the date of your trip 3). Trekking your own style where you can choose to take a minimum number of porters/ guides and carry your own supplies or have porters help you along, whatever you feel makes your Rwenzori challenge most interesting.

in the above respect, we have crafted camping tours through the 3 days, 7 days or 8 days trek, for those seeking to get closer to nature during their Rwenzori trekking trip. Drop your fears, come with us on the yet unknown adventure. This camping trip is ideal for those who want to do Rwenzori trekking in a unique way, like you. It is an easy to arrange trip with one price covering everything. After paying, you just need to be there and all accommodation, meals, park fees, energy are included. We will communicate the price only to the interested parties on request. Please take note that, we have limited spaces as we only take a limited number to ensure the environment can keep breathing alongside our visit. This is another reason to book early.

These are the advantages of joining the camping trips;

  • They are more affordable and pocket friendly
  • The price covers everything so you have the whole value for one price.
  • You stay in the camps that are isolated from the commonly used huts and houses that may sometimes be crowded
  • The natural environment at the camps are less impacted. This gives you the chance to be as close to nature as you have always dreamt
  • The mountain feels more comfortable with the tents than the huts and open grounds. This way, you have less impact on the natural environment.
  • The trip is more authentic as you will move in and return independently with all own supplies.
  • You have your independent team of porters, rangers and guide through the trip
  • We provide you the same delicious meals and snacks by trained and experienced mountain chef.
  • It is possible to pay in installments within one year and work towards your goal.
  • The time you want to spend on the mountains is not bound by the camps. This way, you only pay for the piece you take.

To request more information, place your booking or reserve a space on this trip, please contact us through this website. An arrangement will be tailored in your preference.