Rwenzori Mountains, a mystical challenge in Uganda!!


Mountain Kilimanjaro and Kenya or other world mountains compared to Rwenzori, you realize you will be trekking in unexplored natural beauty that feels like yours alone during the entire trek, if you choose to trek Rwenzori mountains. It is the mystical challenge of East Africa. Uganda has allot to offer for all categories of travelers. Rwenzori and the source of the Nile is just two of millions of beauties. We have a diverse culture with over 50 tribes with different dialect, food, crafts, music housing and many other aspects of life. With this diversity, it is possible to fit the Rwenzori with a cross section of what Uganda has to offer. Most of the tribes, locations and attractions have never been visited by a tourist. We take this advantage since Uganda is the least visited country of the major four east African countries.

In brief, Rainforest and community tours is happy to package the Rwenzori with a cross section of Ugandas, waters, primates, safaris, cultures and cities. Would you share with us your key highlights other than the Rwenzori and allow us to make a sample trip plan to share with you? If you still feel you don’t want to do the 9 days Rwenzori, of course the actual days you spend on the mountain are 6-7 and the day before or after the mountains can be used to explore the diverse low lands such as Kibale national park chimpanzees, the queen Elizabeth safari or the rich cultures of Uganda. Also, there is an option of doing three days/ two nights on the Mahoma loop that takes you up to 3,515m  ( ) then trek the village hill (2400m) for one overnight to take good pictures of margarita peaks, on a clear evening and morning.

While you contemplate about visiting one or two of Ugandas attractions on your east African trip, I would like to tell you that Uganda has more than you can imagine. It is a complete destination on its own, conforming to the name. “The pearl of Africa”. Besides the one or two places, cultures or locations you have heard about, I will quickly take you through Uganda.

Another ideal place of interest would be Jinja, the adventure capital of Uganda and located in the region dominated by one of Uganda’s large tribe, the Basoga with allot of culture to show. while at Jinja, you have an opportunity of participating in many activities including bicycle tours, horseback riding, rafting and bungee jumping, zip-line on the Nile of in the Mabira forest, kayaking and other water sports, quad biking and many others other common ones like visiting the source of the Nile on canoe.

From Jinja, you would explore the eastern region area including Sipi falls, Teso sub region, very rich with nature/ culture and scenery yet not known to anybody including many Ugandans. In Teso and Sipi area you will be exposed to large rocks and cliffs with climbing routes placed in or against a flat land, the water falls with the highest at 100m, the habitat of many birds around Lake Kyoga including many endemics to Uganda and to this area.

Karamoja is a bit too far but when you reach there, you will not regret the opportunity. The tribes up in Karamoja still feel proud of their ways of life that is about 300 years back in time and you will prove this when you visit. As the cattle and other armed robbery has been stopped, this is the best time to visit Karamoja before it is modernized, if you want to enjoy the true beauty of nature in the modern times. In the Kidepo landscape, you will trek the mountains and be part of the culture only known to this region. Besides the culture and scenery, you will see the biggest ranges of untouched lands packed with large herds of wildlife.

Semuliki national park forest is the oldest forest that is more connected to Congo than to Uganda, being an extension of the Ituri forest from Congo. This forest   is one of Africa’s most ancient and bio-diverse forests; one of the few to survive the last ice age, 12-18,000 years ago. This is the same ecosystem as Kibale national park and part of upper Rwenzori ranges. Unique to its own way, you will spend time with the primates, on the hot springs, with the Batwe and discovering the unique wildlife to this part of the country.

The southwestern Uganda is the safari capital with different national parks where you have an opportunity to view wildlife either while on the waters, on a safari vehicle, on bicycle, on a horse or on foot. You will also be amazed by the sweeping view of the rift valley escapement as you cross it in the different areas on your journey. During the stay in this area, you won’t miss the multitudes of crater lakes and the subsequent scenery of forests and homesteads of the local homes and farms. Kabarole district near Kibale national park has a total area of 1, 814km2 and it holds up to 50 crater lakes and bunyaruguru areas has up to 52 crater lakes at the escarpment along queen Elizabeth national park. While in these areas, you will listen to the fairy tales of the local people to show you how nature and people have connected from creation until now.  In this part of southwestern Uganda is also where you will be able to find the tree climbing lions in Ishasha and the mountain gorillas either in Bwindi or Mgahinga. the Batwa tribe, the latest to get civilized out of the forest as they show you how their hunting and other livelihoods were practiced in the forest. While in the southwestern horn of Uganda- neighboring Rwanda, you will gaze the beautiful landscape of the mountains, terraces or the volcanoes as you relax on the dugout canoe or the sides of either Lake Bunyonyi or Lake Mutanda.

On return from the southwestern, the Lake Victoria beached of the largest fresh water lake in Africa are waiting for you. I is a lake full of life whose islands; Ssese and Ngamba islands are a memorable point. On Ngamba island, you have an opportunity to visit or stay with the chimps in a chimp rehabilitation home before they can be reintroduced back to the wild if they are rescued from poachers or treated from disc-eases. You have an opportunity to feed, adapt or do allot more with the chimps as you appreciate their behavior. Then you will go and lay on the Ssese island beaches, play or swim as you memorize the beauty of Uganda as you say bye to this wonderful country.

These above are just but a few. As I said, Uganda has allot to offer as you can realize I have not talked of agriculture yet Uganda has one of the best climates, water sources and produce to the entire region. Farms with crops are a common site where every household grows their own food. You can also take time to visit the extended agriculture schemes distributes around the country that produce for commercial purposes.

We are more than happy to package for you a draft itinerary if we can know your key highlights from the whole pool of attractions. Alternatively, you can view our classified itineraries on this website and see if you can pick one to take as it is or to give you an idea of how to travel around this wonderland, Uganda.

Welcome to Uganda!!