Special Camping accommodation at Ruboni-Rwenzori

Here is the camping accommodation that is located at the base camp of Rwenzori Mountains National park. This campground is specifically designed for travelers who want to explore the community and the Rwenzori mountains in the most flexible and non touristy way.

It might be that you want this option of accommodation before and after your trek into the Rwenzori mountains or just looking to unwind in a new way of life with the locals in a secure and clean space located in a magical landscape. Try Ruboni community visitors centre for your ultimate camping experience. pray that you will want to leave this spot or you might want to stay forever!

Ruboni community visitors center is located in the heart of Ruboni community surrounded by the beautiful mountains and hills. The camp overlooks the portal peaks; the forefront high peaks of the Rwenzori Mountains. This spot is a special one. it is the birth place for community tourism in this area, when no tourists had access to the local life other than that in the mountains.

Portal peaks view

If you stay here, you will have an opportunity to listen to this inspiring story over the campfire with the local residents, and guides.

Located on the trail head to the park gate, this campground is just 2km before the park gate where the treks to margarita start. All other trekking tours start from this village near the campground. This makes it possible to spend here your night before and after the trek.

Other benefits of staying here are unlimited. When it comes to mixing with locals, this campsite is comparable to none. On certain community days, the local village members of all ages come to welcome the guests and share the local way of life with them in the dances, plays drinks and cultural workshops. From the center, the local women run a tree nursery near the camp. This gives an opportunity for the staying guests to learn the tree planting story of Ruboni community, its motivation and how it has evolved.

Amenities of this campground:

  • Ruboni community visitors center has sufficient camping facilities that everyone needs to have a comfortable camping experience.
  • The site has a leveled ground that can take up to 30 tents. Onsite,
  • you have a bar where campers can buy hard and soft drinks, including the memorable banana wine that is made locally.
  • The clean toilets and bathrooms provide flushing toilets, and overhead showers. The toilet and showers are separated for ladies and gents.
  • The site has two kitchens. One kitchen for the local food outside cooking on firewood. This is also available for the guests to use. The second inside kitchen service snacks and quick meals on order.
  • The campground has a place for a campfire. Interested guests can buy firewood and sit on night fire through the night
  • The campground is fenced with a lockable gate. This ensures security. Besides, the campground has a night watchman throughout the night to ensure the place, guests and property are extra secure
  • Campers have access to the store where they can leave their luggage during the nights and days if they are participating in tour activities.
  • Onsite, the campground has a gift shop. The shop has a good selection of items locally made gifts. the shop can also conduct a crafts weaving workshop to the interested guests

Payments for this camping accommodation:

The campsite is not cash only. The staff accepts credit card payment alongside wire transfers, mobile money or cash on arrival the accepted currency is only Uganda shillings. US dollars can be taken on prior request.

Ruboni village doesn’t have a bank or ATM machine. The nearest money access point of this nature is in Kasese town (25km away) your advised to come with cash to buy gifts, give tips or make other small purchases

Bakonzo Traditional dance lessons

Activities you can participate in while you stay:

during the stay, guests can engage in different activities. these include trekking inside Rwenzori mountains (from 1-7 days), including the famous 3 days mahoma trek. Other activities that guests can participate in include the community experiences mentioned below;

  1. Ruboni forest hike
  2. Ruboni hill trek
  3. Ruboni village walk
  4. Tree planting experience
  5. Traditional cooking experience
  6. Mapatha waterfalls challenge
  7. Traditional dances performed by the locals.

Access and how to get there from Kasese town

The community visitos centre is located 25km from kasese town via Fort Portal-Mpondwe Rd/Hima – Katunguru Rd/A109 and Muramba Rd.

From Kasese town, drive 10km on fort portal road. You will then branch left at Nkenda electric terminal. From the branch off you drive for 15km. towards the national park gate. You will find the community visitors center on your left with a green bar gate and a mural on the house facing the road.

For those coming from fort portal, you will drive 65km and branch right at the same place (Nkenda) this is located just after crossing rover Mubuku bridge. The main landmark are the many steel poles of the electric terminal. You can also see the location on the map of Ruboni tourism village here.

Camping accommodation

Transport means available

Ruboni village doesn’t have public shared transport. The only options available are special hire taxi or boda-boda. The public shared transport will end at the electric terminal and then you can choose one of these two options mentioned earlier. For those willing to use special hire, it is advisable to find special hire taxi from Kasese town as you wont find them waiting and the branch off. You can also contact us in advance to arrange one for you.

Please contact us or book your spot today!