The Kazinga channel boat excursion in queen Elizabeth national park

Kazinga channel boat cruise is conducted on a natural waterway laying between the two fresh water lakes; Edward and George. The water in the channel flows from east to west towards lake Edward. This water is believed to join lake George on its journey from the rivers that flow from Rwenzori mountains. Kazinga channel is a relatively shallow waterway at 3-4 meters. It is home to varieties of aquatic life especially the hippos and crocodiles. The channel forms a perfect home for wildlife as it creates an ever-green habitat in this central part off the park. It is approximately 40km long, dissecting the park into two major parts; the northern and southern sectors. Finding wildlife during this boat excursion is probably the most exciting wildlife experience in queen Elizabeth national park.

Queen Elizabeth national park is a Ramzar site and one of the most popular wildlife area in Uganda. It is the second oldest park in Uganda. The location of this park on the equator makes it a unique destination presenting a cross section of Uganda’s beauties wildlife and landscape. The park is located bellow the Rwenzori mountain in the west and bordered by the rift valley escarpment on the east. The back drop of these rugged mountains is such a breathtaking view that rejuvenates your spirit during the safari and stay in this park

The central location of Kazinga channel in the park give all sorts of wildlife, from both sectors, perfect access to this fresh water. During this memorable boat cruise Taking the opportunity of viewing wildlife so closely. As a drink get people together, so does the fresh water drink bring the people close to wildlife in harmony, on the channel. The aquatic wildlife that are found here include, crocodiles, the hippos, otters, reptiles’ various types of fish and other. It is also known to hold the densest hippo’s population in east Africa.

During the day, groups of wildlife are lined on the banks of the channel to cool off. The elephant’s antelopes, buffalo, Nile crocodiles, lizards and bird of varied types. It is such a birders paradise that no birder should miss visiting. It is a home for multitudes of birds as you will find them almost everywhere on the channel, including the endemic and migrant species during certain seasons. The types found during the boat excursion include; Pied Kingfishers, Cormorants, Fish Eagles, Skimmers, Gulls, Ducks, Malachite Kingfisher, Pelicans, Terns, and many others. The fish eagle is a key highlight during the boat cruise. Parched on the tree or fishing, fish eagles are always in a pair and the guide will disclose their secrete of living this way.

All boat excursions in queen Elizabeth national park are conducted on the Kazinga channel throughout the day. Besides being a good opportunity to view wildlife, this boat cruise offers spectacular views of the landscape over the waters throughout the day. You will also be able to view the distant Virunga landscape when you reach open areas. Queen Elizabeth landscape cannot be any more beautiful than when you cruise the channel amidst the game, fishing boats and the chanting communities in the fishing villages. From the experienced guides, you will be amazed to listen to the background information of all kinds of setting, landscape and wildlife that you find on this boat tour.

Two boat options are available. The boat cruise that starts from Mweya is scheduled for two times a day (at 11:00an and 3:00pm). The payment for this boat is done at Mweya visitor information center. Alternatively, the community boat now starts at Katunguru bridge. The payment for this community boat can be done at the dock or at the Elephant home lodge. For both boats, it is necessary to book in advance since they have limited space per trip. The community boat can be taken any time of the day upon booking as long as it has a minimum of two guests going on the excursion. All guests are advised to arrive 30 minutes before the starting time of the tour.

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