The twelve Uganda’s Wildlife reserves

Wildlife reserves of Uganda:

Information about Uganda’s wildlife reserves is least known to many travelers. These reserves are commonly conserved alongside the parks in clusters called conservation areas. Uganda’s wildlife reserves are ideal to add on trips that intend to go off the touristy path. They are 12 in total. You can read a brief about them bellow;

Kigezi wildlife reserve:

Western Uganda, sitting in the wildlife corridor linking Queen Elizabeth National Park to Virunga National Park in Congo. Activities; game drives, nature walks, birding watching. The park is home to a large variety of wildlife ranging from primates to the big herds of African elephants transiting between Uganda and Congo.

Kyambura wildlife reserve:

It is a 156 sqkm habitat nest to Queen Elizabeth national park on the escarpment. It is potential for birding, chimp tracking, wildlife viewing and guided nature walks. Easy to add on the Kazinga channel and Queen Elizabeth Safari.

Toro-Semiliki wildlife reserve:

It is a 542 sqkm reserve located in western Uganda, between Kabarole and Ntoroko districts. It is one of the richest habitats than any other reserve in Uganda. activities you can do here include; hiking, birding, a boat tour on lake Albert, primate walks, participating in interesting cultural encounters with the indigenous people.

Katonga wildlife reserve:

In western Uganda along river Katonga. Size is 211 sqkm. Potential activities are canoe tours, guided nature walks, wildlife hikes. It is home to over 40 mammal species and great variety of birds. With no road tracks developed, it is ideal for nature on foot experience.

Kabwoya wildlife reserve:

A paradise of scenery Western Uganda on the way from Kibale forest to Murchison falls national park. size-225 sqkm. Potential activities include fishing on lake Albert, birding, game walks, mountain biking, antique finding

Bugungu Wildlife Reserve:

Located by the rift valley escarpment in western Uganda west of Murchison falls national park. Size is 473 sqkm. Potential activities include birding, game drives, nature walks, cultural encounters.

Karuma wildlife reserve:

located by the mighty Karuma falls, next to Murchison falls national park, in the east. The potential activities here are wildlife viewing, nature walks and birding tours. Due to its vicinity with the park, the reserve shares common wildlife with Murchison falls national park.

East Madi wildlife reserve:

In northwestern Uganda, a home to 50 mammal including primates and 374 bird species just above Murchison falls national park. Size; 831 sqkm. Activities: wildlife viewing, birding tours, nature walks

Ajai Wildlife Reserve:

Northwestern Uganda. Originally a home to white rhinos in (West-Nile) Size: 166 sq km. Activities: birding, nature walks, game drives looking for various wildlife.

Bokora Corridor Wildlife Reserve:

A haven for birds, wild animals and scenery reflecting on the heritage of the Bokora people – North eastern Uganda. Size is 2056 sqkm potetial activities include, birding, nature walks and hiking mount Kadam. 

Pian Upe wildlife reserve:

It is a 2275sqkm reserve in northeastern Uganda. it is the home of mount Kadam in Nakapiriprit district. Activities in this reserve include, guided nature walks, wildlife safaris, bird watching, mountain climbing, cultural encounters in the surrounding communities.

Matheniko wildlife reserve:

It is 1520sqkm, in North Eastern Uganda. Shares unique wildlife like the Ostriches Roan Antelopes, Lesser Kudu and Bright’s Gazelle, with Kidepo Valley National Park. some of the key activities in this reserve are birding, nature walks, wildlife viewing, cultural encounters, prehistoric rock painting tours

Do you want to add any wildlife reserve on your trip?

You may want to take a specialized research or leisure trip to the wildlife reserve(s) or to add any of them to your Uganda trip. Please contact us for more information and we will craft a suitable trip for you