Things You Should Know About A Queen Elizabeth National Park Safari

The second biggest and most diverse national park in Uganda is Queen Elizabeth National Park. It is a must-go-to destination when looking forward to a safari of a lifetime. The park is close to the Rwenzori Mountains famous for its snow-capped peaks. Queen Elizabeth National Park is filled with crater lakes, swamps, wetlands, woodland, open Savannah, and forests. These support a range of flora and fauna.

Wildlife highlights in Queen Elizabeth National Park

This park is filled with diverse flora and fauna including the famous Big Five game animals. Apart from these, you will get to enjoy immense bird watching, rock climbing, and indulging yourself in the local tradition and culture of the friendly local people. Below is a highlight of the famous Big Five of Queen Elizabeth National Park.

African Elephants

Scientifically known as Loxodonta Africana, these majestic mammals are located in the Queen Elizabeth National Park wilderness. These large animals are mostly herbivores with thick and flexible long trunks with a long upper incisor tooth. Additionally, these African elephants have corn shaped ears looking like the map of Africa. 

These elephants camouflage in the tall savanna landscape of the park. The African elephants are unique in this part of the world making them a huge attraction for anyone looking forward to a true African safari. Luckily, Uganda hosts more than 5000 of the estimated 600,000 remaining elephants on the continent.

Ishasha Tree Climbing Lions

It is unusual for lions to climb trees and such lions are no more than two populations in the world during their daily life. Fortunately, you can get a chance to catch rare sights of these tree-climbing lions during a Queen Elizabeth National Park safari. These lions supposedly climb trees to protect themselves from tsetse flies or to enjoy the cool breeze away from the heat on the ground.

You can watch these lions lazily lying in the branches of huge fig trees ogling down at the multiple Uganda Kobs grazing in the Isasha plains. In the afternoon, the tree-climbing lions sleep on branches high up in the tress to digest their lunch.

Cape Buffaloes

This tremendously big animal is another attraction on a Queen Elizabeth National Park safari. Cape buffaloes are communal animals living in large herds of about 2000. In addition, the sexes have a hierarchy with males having dominance over the females. Keep in mind that Cape buffaloes can be dangerous especially when wounded.

Nocturnal Leopards

Scientifically known as Panthera Pardus, the leopards are carnivorous animals belonging to the cat family. African leopards in Queen Elizabeth National Park are nocturnal and fierce. The best sights of these leopards are during a nocturnal game safari. Keep in mind that the number of surviving leopards in Africa is less than 700,000.

Where to stay during a Queen Elizabeth National Park safari

The Elephant Home is the ultimate accommodation during a safari in Queen Elizabeth National Park. Located next to the park, there is no need to worry about having to pay parking fees. Additionally, you will enjoy unique glimpses of elephants on an impromptu visit on the premises.

This accommodation has excellent accommodation with a professional chef to prepare delicious meals. You will enjoy self-contained roofs, service from hospitable staff, and other amenities including:

  • Furnished guest rooms
  • Mosquito netting on beds and windows
  • Free Wi-Fi in the restaurant
  • Private balcony for each room
  • Comfortable beddings

Who will enjoy a Queen Elizabeth National Park Safari?

Anyone will enjoy the amazing sights in Queen Elizabeth National Park since it is the ultimate safari destination in Uganda. For anyone looking forward to seeing amazing wildlife in their natural habitat, this safari will offer the ultimate travel experience. You can book a safari with friends, colleagues at work, or the whole family to share amazing moments.

Go on an ultimate safari

Queen Elizabeth National Park is an ideal travel destination for anyone looking to have the most of an African safari. This park is filled with diverse wildlife including the famous Big Five. Booking a safari tour of this park will give you memorable moments that will last a lifetime. Fortunately, you can always book accommodation at the Elephant home located on the peripheral of the park for a chance to dwell amidst the wilderness and the community at the same time.