This is what you need to know about Post covid-19 opening of Entebbe airport

Sometimes it is necessary to start with the good news, especially if people have been frequented with bad news for a long time. Yes, what you may have already heard is the truth. Entebbe airport will be opened for tourists arrivals,  starting 1st October 2020. How have we confirmed this? Please read on…

Over the last few months, we have received calls and emails from many friends and travelers asking to know if Entebbe airport has been opened yet, since the covid-19 pandemic lockdown. This post to gives a general response to all our guests, friends, contacts during preparation for your trip to Uganda.

Currently, Entebbe airport is the only airport in Uganda. It is estimated to be the entry point for over 70% of tourism entry to Uganda. This implies that, everybody planning to travel to Uganda by air, now or in the near future is destined to use this sole airport. This makes it more crucial that travelers know if the airport is open or not.

Entebbe airport was closed on the date of 22nd March 2020 after the first case of corona virus was reported in Uganda. Earlier on, in September, Uganda Civil Aviation Authority (UCAA) announced that they plan to open the airport on 1st October 2020.

Luckily, on 20th September there was further Pronouncement by the president of Uganda, during his national speech on corona virus status, that the airport is one of the sectors that are relieved of the lockdown. The speech from the president therefore, reaffirms the reopening date earlier communicated by UCAA.

This opening will be ending a period of round six months of lockdown to this airport. During this lockdown period, only cargo, UN and security planes were allowed to land. It is also remembered that, midway (around July 2020), a special pass was given to commercial flights bringing the Ugandan returnees who were repatriated from various countries of the world.

The landing planes that used this special pass were required to observe tight restriction of covid-19 standard operating procedures (SOPs). On return, these repatriated passengers were all put under isolation for fourteen days. During this period, they were subjected to mandatory testing and if found sick placed under treatment quarantine. After this grand reopening of the airport, travelers will be expected of certain standards and requirements.

The hotels, tour operators and guides have finally seen a new crack of dawn with hope that the tourism business will boost again in Uganda. This has come at a right time when we have provided training and capacity to our guides and service teams at the lodges and destinations. We have acquired the right equipment and printed the required materials to raise awareness about the deadly virus.

It is with no doubt that our safaris and lodges around Uganda will remain the safest offering the same memorable safari experiences to the travelers who will choose Uganda as their safari destination.

We are happy to welcome you to Uganda again.