Let us manage your conservation event in Uganda.

You got a milestone ahead of you. It is that event that you’re working so hard to arrange in Uganda. No matter what location, industry, or interest, your event will come to life. Given that the resources you have invested are immense, one other key aspect to making a successful event is carefully selecting the ground handler. This is where we come in to fill the gaps!

The common evens we have managed are in areas of;

  • Conservation events: these include; tree planting, conservation awareness and training, sustainable agriculture.
  • Cycle challenges: Riding for fun or fundraising through the landscapes of Uganda.
  • Trekking challenges: Trekking for fun or fundraising; to any of Uganda’s mountains which include; Mount Rwenzori, Mount Elgon, Mgahinga volcanoes, mount Kadam and other shorter hills around Uganda.
  • Outdoor party and wedding events: Wedding inside any of Uganda’s National Park or nature reserve, in the rural communities and or any other selected landscape.
  • Public meetings and rallies: Different public meetings and rallies with diverse goals and objectives. These range from awareness creation, team building, leisure and fun making, fundraising or working retreats.

Besides, we are open for ideas and suggestions, as we are willing to explore any other events outside the scope above. Let’s learn together if you have a different vision. We have a team of innovative and motivated women and youth that will offer their time towards this learning journey.

This is what you should expect we will do, to make your event a success.

After receiving your proposal, we provide advice on the local dynamics. We give you the time to review your proposal while including the local dynamics. After we receive a final proposal, we provide the quote for the event and sign a contract or agreement to manage your event.

For your even, we mobilize the partners who in most cases include the local communities, local policy institutions, service providers and all identified contributors.

Subject to agreement, most activities we take charge of are; hiring local tolls and equipment, hiring local manpower, managing the venue of the event and the actual administration during the event.

To do the work perfectly, we require payments in three installments.

  • The first installment upon agreement signing. This enables us to make all the necessary mobilization.
  • The second installment after we complete the mobilization part. This will enable us to procure and hire all the necessary equipment and manpower
  • The third installment will be at least one month before the even happens. This will do the implementation, management and reporting after the event.

Though this is our way to manage events, we will require that you tell us if you plan to do your event differently. We will hold the meeting before the mobilization stage, so that we can adopt and customize the event to your interests, through mobilization, procurement and implementation.

Please contact us today and we will start on your event management process