Welcome to Kazinga channel boat cruise – queen Elizabeth national park


Kazinga channel is a natural water-way with wildlife wonders.  It is 40 km long and approximately 3-4 meters deep. The channel flows from east to waste of the park between lake George (250km2) and Edward (2000km2); the two fresh water lakes are of great ecosystem importance in this ecosystem and the human communities living in and outside the park. it is on this channel that the famous boat cruise in queen Elizabeth is conducted.

All wildlife from the park find a haven in and around the kazinga channel due to the year round favorable watered and evergreen vegetation. Because of this, the channel is home to a range of birds and a drinking site for multitudes of wildlife from all over queen Elizabeth national park. During the boat cruise, high numbers of varied wildlife can be sighted. During the visit, you can expect to find majority of animals including Uganda kob, lion, waterbuck, warthogs, buffalo, rare aquatic sitatunga antelope, giant forest hog, topi, elephant and leopard and other smaller mammals. Most of these will be found lined on the kazinga channel banks cooling off. A long list of birds can also be sighted around the channel, making it a birders paradise. The boat gives opportunities of getting closer to all wildlife than in any other safari activities of the park.

Kazinga channel is part of a bigger ecosystem that includes River Nile. Lake Edward, where the channel flows, is the source of semuliki river that flows through Congo to join river Nile, hence the connection of this national park habitat to the river Nile. consequently, Semuliki river is believed to have given way to the crocodiles that now exist in the waters of queen Elizabeth national park, as they traveled all the way from the Nile after a decade or so when the parks’ lakes stayed without crocodiles due to the geographical dynamics that led to the crocodile’s temporary disappearance.

besides viewing wildlife, you will have opportunities to visit some communities that live inside queen Elizabeth national park. these communities live on the showers of the different water bodies. The communities that can be visited during the boat cruises and game drives in the park include, Hamukungo, Katwe, Katunguru, Kahendero, Kasenyi all on the shores of lake George, Edward and Kazinga channel. Some of these communities are fishing villages, salt mining villages and small commercial trading centers on the highways and lake showers.

A boat cruise is normally conducted for two hours. Two scheduled boat cruises are conducted from mweya per day; one at 11:00am and the other at 3:00pm.  Up to six boat cruises can be conducted from katunguru community basing on availability of bookings running between 7:00am and 7:00pm. Booking and payment for the boat cruise can be done either at Mweya visitors center on the peninsular, at katunguru dock or in the elephant home lodge. It is important to note that boat excursions on Kazinga channel must be prior booked to avoid disappointments.

Our team of staff are prepared to provide any assistance on arranging any of your preferred activities in queen Elizabeth national park, including accommodation, safaris, transportation or the boat cruise on Kazinga channel.