What is expected of the arrivals and departures at Entebbe airport, post covid-19 lockdown?

Duration of service:

It is expected that the post covid-19 arrivals and departures will allot more of their time to the airport business. Originally before corona, passengers through Entebbe airport were expected to arrive two hours before departure time. Since post lockdown passengers will be subjected to extra checks and screening while ensuring sufficient physical distance, it is estimated that travelers will need to arrive about four hours before the flight time.


Likewise, all passengers landing or entering Uganda will be subjected to a long health inspections and tests. A limited number of passengers will be released from the plane to the service areas, hence lengthening the amount of time that will be spent to about twice as long as before or more.

For the initials three months reopening stage starting 1st October 2020, an estimate of only 50 passengers at a time, shall be released from the plane to be served as the others wait, properly distanced in the plane or designated waiting areas.

For arrival and departure passengers, mandatory wearing of face masks and keeping a recommended social physical distance will be enforced. They will be required to have a credible certificate showing that they are corona free within the seventy two (72) hours of testing before the journey started.

Isolation and quarantine at arrival:

With a proper certificate, passengers will not be isolated or quarantined. If anybody doesn’t have the certificate, they will be isolated or quarantined for 14 days. If they test positive during these days they will be quarantined for treatment. The quarantine or isolation will be at passengers own cost.

Now we know that the good news is that there will not be mandatory quarantine or isolation for tourists who have both presented the health certificate from within 72 hours and tested negative for corona virus.

Going on safari:

It should however be noted that, all such tourists going on safari will not be allowed to mix with the local people, but be driven straight to their hotels and other destinations that are safe and prepared to handle operations within the recommended SOPs. In addition to all the tests and checks, the passengers will have to leave all their bio-data and travel itinerary mentioning the people they plan to travel with and the hotels in which they will stay.  

It is important to note that, travelers should ensure to select lodges and hotels that are compliant with the Standard operating procedures of Uganda and the world health organization.