What you need to know about Kazinga channel boat cruise

This boat excursion is one of the most liked safari activities in queen Elizabeth national park. It is conducted on Kazinga channel; a fresh water way that is about 3-4 meters deep and approximately 200 meters wide. The channel is approximately 40 kilometers long, flowing westwards from lake gorge to lake Edward. Before you arrange your boat cruise experience on this channel, you need to know a number of facts about the channel and how to arrange the boat safari. The most important ones are listed below;

  • There are two starting locations for boat safaris on Kazinga channel. One is at Mweya peninsula and the other is at Katunguru bridge.
  • The boat cruise from mweya peninsular is accessed from inside the park and requires private transport and payment of park entrance fee while the one at Katunguru bridge is accessed from the community and doesn’t require private transport or park entrance fee.
  • You can find a large selection of wildlife both on land and in the water, the most common being the Hippos, the elephants, water bucks, buffaloes, birds the other include crocodiles, monitor lizards
  • Two scheduled boat cruises are conducted daily. One at 11:00am and the other at 3:00pm
  • The boat cruises are shared safaris that require a minimum number to be able to start the safari. The minimum for the community boat is two people while the minimum of Mweya boat is ten people.
  • The boat cruise on Kazinga channel takes two hours on the return journey.
  • One or a group of people can arrange a boat cruise that is longer than two hours for an extra payment and on prior arrangement.
  • You need to arrive 30 minutes before the starting time of the boat cruise
  • The community boat cruise can be conducted any time between 7:00am and 7:00pm on prior arrangement.
  • The boat cruise comes with a guide to interpret all the features and wildlife found during the safari. Payment for the boat cruise covers this guide.
  • The place can be very hot during the safari. To enjoy without limits, it is advisable to carry some water, a sun hut and some sun screen.

You will definitely be absorbed by the scenery of wildlife lined on the banks of this channel as they cool off while fighting for their territory in the heat of this animal kingdom. Many people have enjoyed the splendor of this boat cruise. 95% of the people who visit queen Elizabeth national park say that Kazinga channel was their highlight of the safari. This makes it necessary for everyone to try this out during their visit to queen Elizabeth national park.

With us your safari on the waters is sorted. We are the resident experts of queen Elizabeth national park. We help make arrangements for you take this fascinating experience. Please book your boat experience for your next visit to queen Elizabeth national park. You can contact us today to arrange all activities in the park ranging from car hire, accommodation, private guides and this boat cruise.