When looking for cheap accommodation for families, small groups or friends-Queen Elizabeth national park.

Are you planning to travel in a small group? If your trip will be to Queen Elizabeth national park, the elephant home has all your needs answered. Most travelers who look for the base of exploring this part of the country have found this place, a comfortable accommodation during their trip. This community owned and run lodge is suited for small groups that want to travel on a small budget. It is located next to queen Elizabeth national park at Kikorongo junction. The lodge is accessible by all means of transport, has a restaurant and accommodated her visitors in the furnished self-contained spacious rooms.

Considering your need for affordability, uniqueness and quality services or any other requirements, we feel the elephant home is well suited for your stay. Since it is located outside the park, you don’t pay park fees to stay but can only pay for the days you go in the park, meaning that you save 40$ per person per day, a price that is enough to accommodate you for two nights at the lodge. The lodge has the following qualities that you will not easily find anywhere else around queen Elizabeth national park;

  • It is clean and small enough without much crowds of guest.
  • You will gain full contact with the natural environment. While here, you can ensure full time contact with your family members with great opportunities to choose from a big variety of everything.
  • The onsite restaurants offer delicious foods, snacks and drinks. The food is fresh organic and generally good reflecting as a highlight of every visitor.
  • They have most hospitable staff that will enable you make it your home while they give you personalized services to provide every information and support in a timely plain clear contact.
  • It is child friendly as is has plenty of space for children to play.
  • they have onsite short tours that show case the surrounding nature and culture where children can be involved.
  • They organize all other tours in the area including those inside and outside the park. This makes it the best base to explore queen Elizabeth national park and the surroundings cheaply
  • Above all, you will be stunned by their low prices compared to the high level of hospitality given. At this accommodation, you will probably spend less than half of your planned lodging budget, enabling you to save for more items that equally add value to the family holiday.

Located opposite to queen Elizabeth national park in kikorongo, the lodge is situated in the cotton farm land that is timely visited by elephants at night. The self-contained specious rooms are furnished with beds and beddings and well taken care of sparkling clean. The lodge offers so much to do inside the park (at a fee) and within the community to keep guests entertained. The site has a self-guided walk that every guest can take freely to view wildlife and lakes inside queen Elizabeth national park. The proximity to the park gate and to the equator adds allot of value to the stay. Guests will easily access it on arrive and during the journeys to and from the game drives in the park. The lodge organizes activities in and outside the park

From the elephant home, you will be able to explore the surrounding attractions including, queen Elizabeth national park, Kyambura chimp tracking, the crater lakes tour in Bunyaruguru, lake Katwe salt mining tour, the exclusive boda-boda safari in and around the park where you meet both the people and wildlife on the same journey.

Through staying here, your trip will be the most fulfilling holiday moment bringing you an opportunity to rebound with your family and friends both emotionally and physically in a new environment without facing the weakness that keep crawling in your daily life. Chose the elephant home and you will realize the holiday extremely turning into a moment of self-fulfillment and inspiration like never before.

Please contact us to find out what the accommodation and activity prices will be during your travel time. You can book directly to the lodge at www.theelephanthome.com or contact us to book you in at no additional fees. Additionally, we also organize travel to other places around Uganda suitable for small groups, families and budget travelers on request