Where can I find cheap accommodation near Rwenzori mountains national park?


If you’re looking out for cheap but quality accommodation near the Rwenzori mountains, you will have to choose from these two options;

Ruboni community camp: Ruboni community camp has the best view in the area. It is located on the base of the hill giving you opportunities of viewing the mountains in and outside the park while sitting on the balcony. If you want to stay here, you can choose from the three options of self-contained Banda, none self-contained rooms and camping which is their cheapest offer. The lodge has a restaurant where you can order meals on demand. The meal price comes with breakfast but you can also ask for full board rates. Their rooms are twins taking two people per room on separate beds.

Ruboni community camp rates for 2019 are;

  • Self-contained rooms: 25$ per person (BB)
  • None self-contained: 20$ per person (BB)
  • Camping with own tent: 5$ per person (bed only)

Rwenzori homestay: It is a very welcoming family situated on a farm of coffee and bananas. The home overlooks the portal peaks with high green and rocky hills on either side making it feel like a home in paradise. Guests can either sleep with the rest of the family under one roof or sleep in a separate self-contained furnished house. The key amenities include; Mosquito nets electricity a fridge for storing food, flush toilets and overhead showers and a secured garage for the car. All meals are shared with the rest of the family. It is the cheapest and yet the most outstanding with allot of space to interact with the local life of the Bakonzo people dominating the Rwenzori mountains foothills. It is also suitable for people travelling as a family as the children will have great time with the playful children in the home as they get to learn another way of life. For those large groups who wont fit in the four rooms available at the homestay, you can be offered a large camping ground where you can pitch your tent almost for free. This ground is located far from the home so you can be sure you will have all the privacy. The homestay host can provide you information about Rwenzori mountains national park in case you want to arrange a trek into these mountains.

Rwenzori homestay prices are:

  • Furnished room: 15$ per person (HB)
  • Camping 3$ per person (bed only)

All the two accommodation options are suitable for guests who want to trek the Rwenzori mountains national park on their day before or after the trek. They are located at the Rwenzori gateway to Nyakalengijo central circuit gate, 26km from Kasese town or 17km from the junction on Fort portal-Kasese road. For those who don’t want to climb the high peaks, you can have an opportunity to scale the lower slopes through local community trails that you can do without paying park fees. These include, the village tour, the hill climb tour and the forest tour. However, self-guided walks around the village are quite fulfilling as you will be meeting and interacting with many welcoming people and observe other local life patterns.

To get there, you will need transport either from Kasese town or from Nkenda electric terminal if you’re coming from fort portal side. The three options of transport are; 1). private car, 2). special hire or 3). boda-boda. Special hire can either be found in Kasese town or arranged. Boda-boda transport is readily available at the junction and you will be able to negotiate the deal with them when you reach at the stage.

You can contact us if you need any assistance on arranging your booking, transport or accommodation.